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  Thursday, November 10, 2005
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Meet Robbie Walton
By Kevin Devlin

     Young student-athlete has a ton of talent-a true champion-and potentially the sky's the limit for this mild-mannered and gifted lad
by Kevin Devlin

      I've heard from the local Southie sports hotline that this kid is a great baseball player. I only saw him play once in the South Boston Little League Championship tilt a few years ago, and his team did win the title with him leading the way on the mound and with his bat.

     But, I have seen him play basketball on numerous occasions and this kid can run with the best of them. He's as quick as a cat, an accomplished dribbler, knows when to pass and when to shoot. He can drain the long-range jumper as well as take it to the hoop. And, he's not afraid to play defense, a rarity amongst today's hoop players.

     His name is Robbie Walton.

     Robbie, 15, a former Gate of Heaven Honor Roll student is now in the tenth grade at Boston Latin. Robbie is continuing to hit the books and is doing well at this prestigious exam school. His favorite subject is physics and his least favorite is history. Never thought I would hear an athlete say his favorite class is so difficult.

     Robbie's a great baseball player. He was an All-Star in the Little League, and his team, coached by Mike Tower, the Mount Washington Club, won three consecutive Little League titles beginning in 2000. As a Little League champ, Robbie won back to back "MVP" awards in 2001 and 2002. He was 21-2 and batted above .500 during his final two seasons.

      Robbie continued to impress those who saw him play in the Babe Ruth League. His squad, the Mount Washington Club, just won the 2005 title. The team was 15-6 during the season and they bulldozed through their playoff foes with a 5-0 record. He was 10-0 during the regular season and 3-0 during the playoff run. In the playoffs, he had 13 strikeouts in one game and two-one hit shutouts. Robbie also shone at the plate as a lead-off batter and on the base paths, as he continued to pound the ball and steal bases like the all-star that he is.

     Our young champ also played on the South Boston Youth Soccer League 12 and under travel teams; they captured three state championship titles in the late nineties. And he played in the Pop Warner League last season.

     Although he is an incredibly gifted baseball player, his first love is basketball. In the Gate of Heaven CYO hoop program, Robbie hit a buzzer-beater from half court in the 2003 New England CYO Basketball Tournament to advance his team to the championship finals. He also plays in the local leagues, and last summer, his team won the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) "Southie" championship title in the fifteen and under division at the Condon School.

     His mom and dad, Bob and Cathy are quite proud of Robbie's accomplishments. One or both of them always attend his games. I know, because throughout the years, I have seen them at many, many games. They keep a watchful eye on him when he's competing, showing him that they care and are proud of what he does.

     "He's doing well in school and always manages to balance playing sports with his schoolwork," said his dad. "Robbie always looks out for and tries to help out the younger players on his teams. Cathy and I are proud of him, he's a good kid."

     Robbie intends to try out for the varsity basketball team after Thanksgiving.   In the spring, he'll take a shot at making the varsity baseball team.

     He's shown the world so far that he is made of championship fiber, and plans to continue on this winning path, which is the only path this young champion knows.

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Busy Robbie Walton enjoys moments of leisure at his home.