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  Thursday, December 1, 2005
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Matt Greeley
By Kevin Devlin

     Young lad is always ready in class in on the playing fields

     He began playing soccer when he was only two years old and was on championship teams in the South Boston Youth Soccer League in 2000, '01, '03, and in 2005. 


     His baseball team, the Mount Washington Club managed by Mike Tower, won the South Boston Little League championship in 2002, and he recently just concluded his first season in the Babe Ruth League.

     He is also an avid hoop player, and has been active in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League, as well as in the Gate of Heaven and Saint Brigid's CYO basketball programs. In 2003, his Gatey cadet house hoop team, Jimmy's Korner, won the league championship. And, just to keep busy in the hoop world, he plans on trying out for the Gavin School hoop team right after Thanksgiving.

     He played in the local Pop Warner League for five years, playing defensive back and wide receiver. In 2002, his "D" team captured the Bay State Championship.

     Although he plays a variety of sports, he now dreams of the day when he will be playing in the NFL. If this doesn't work out for him, he plans to become a lawyer and help people in time of need.

     His name is Matt Greeley.

     Matt, 13, an eighth grader, attends the Patrick F. Gavin School in Southie. His favorite classes are math and gym and his least favorite is science. He likes going to school and he received honorable mention on his first report card this school year.

     In his spare time, Matt likes to watch television, play video games and just hang out with his friends. He also enjoys hanging out at the Stretch Walsh Center and the Southie Boys & Girls Club, as well as at the Tynan gym. He plays hoop at these gyms, and at the Tynan he's active in the flag football league. His favorite food is pizza he loves watching Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick scramble all over the field.
Matt will never forget scoring his first touchdown in Pop Warner or leading his squad to victory in the Gatey 2003 cadet house league championship game. In football, this exciting touchdown came in the last game of this past season, when the "A" team crushed East Boston on their home turf. In the unforgettable hoop game, Matt was sensational, as he was firing on all cylinders, en route to a 15-point performance that eventually spelled victory for Jimmy's Korner.

     Matt's a quiet, polite, young man who is having a blast growing up in Southie and being part of the rich sports programs this community has to offer. He welcomes every challenge that is brought his way, either in the classroom or on the playing fields.

     He knows that only through hard work, dedication, determination, and focus, will he truly be able to achieve his goals of having a happy, healthy, and productive life.

      He's on the right track at this moment in time, and doesn't plan on letting anything derail his plans of having a good life when he enters the real world.

      But until then, he'll just continue to grow, keep busy, and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed by such a young boy.

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Matt Greeley enjoys being an all-star in the Saint Brigid's house hoop league.