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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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A Knight to Remember
By Kevin Devlin

     Anthony McQueen, 17, a senior at the Monument School, is a mild-mannered, polite, young student-athlete who is enjoying life in the city, and loves going to school up at the famed Southie Heights. The Monument School focuses on public safety and his major is criminal law. And, although Anthony currently has a high school curriculum that focuses on that, he hopes to pursue a career in Sports Management.

     Anthony is a true Knight from Savin Hill. At school, he has played on the varsity football team for the past three seasons, and this past season he was one of the team captains. He has played quarterback, cornerback, tight end, has been a kicker, and was utilized on special teams. He’ll never forget throwing an incredible 82-yard touchdown pass to receiver Hector Martinez, in the 2003 Southie-Eastie game, held at White Stadium in Dorchester on Thanksgiving Day. He also likes the fact that his Knight squad defeated Charlestown 32-6 during the 2004 season. Southie shut down Charlestown even though they had a great running back. I guess that’s the Southie part in him, loving the idea of beating Charlestown teams, no matter what level, sport, or program.

     Prior to high school football, Anthony was involved in the Dorchester and South Boston Pop Warner Football Programs. In 1999, his Dorchester Eagles “C” team won the Bay State and New England Pop Warner championships before losing a heartbreaker to Virginia at the national championships held in Florida. He was the recipient of the “Unsung Hero” award that season. He also played for Coach Bob Ferrara in Southie Pop Warner; their “A” squad captured the Bay State title in 2001. Anthony will always remember stopping Dedham on the one-yard line to propel the city kids into the league playoffs.

     Anthony intends to play baseball for the Knights in the spring. He played in the Savin Hill Little League and then for the Knights as a freshman. Injuries kept him off the team as a sophomore and a junior, but he hopes to return to the field of dreams as a catcher or second baseman. 

     Anthony is also a hoop enthusiast. He has played in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) and at the Dan Marr Boys and Girls Club. In the 12 and under Club championships held at the West End House, his squad defeated Norwood and he was the “MVP” of the game.

     Savin Hill’s own Roger Croke has umpired and refereed many of Anthony’s baseball and basketball games throughout the years, and found him to be a cut above many other athletes.

     “Anthony was an exceptional athlete,” said Croke. “He was a tremendous player in Savin Hill Little League and the Teen League. What made him stand out above the other athletes were his maturity, personality, and exceptional leadership qualities. Taking this into consideration, I feel the transition to quarterback at Southie High was a natural one for him.

     “Southie High varsity football coach Bobby Lerro was my captain and coach of the Chippewas back in the seventies,” Croke added. “Bobby being basically in charge of the defense was the quarterback on defense. I assume Bobby intuitively sensed that Anthony could shine as a quarterback, which he has for the Knights.”

     Anthony is doing what he wants to do to be a success in life. He’s going to school, studying, and keeping in good shape to play varsity sports. He likes to hang out with his friends, play some hoop pick-up games at the Little House in Dorchester, and make a little cash as a cook at Dominic’s Bar and Grille. He knows he needs to keep busy to stay out of trouble.

     After high school he’ll journey off to college and hone his skills to land himself a job that will keep him happy and secure.

     And, after all the hard work is done, I’m sure he’ll realize his dreams.

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Anthony McQueen plans on pursuing a career in law enforcement, or entering the sports management field.
Anthony McQueen plans on pursuing a career in law enforcement, or entering the sports management field.