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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Elaina McCarthy
By Kevin Devlin

     Elaina McCarthy, 9, is a fourth grader at the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. Her favorite subject is math but she’s not too keen on going to English Class. Nevertheless, she’s focused on her schoolwork and is doing well in class.

     Elaina is a neat freak and doesn’t mind cleaning her room, something seldom heard from young people these days. She happily listens to music while she gladly completes her chores. In addition, she likes to take drawings supplied by her sister, Amanda, and color them in, making their joint creation a beautifully finished product.

     Elaina likes to stay home and have fun with her brothers and sisters.  “I like to hang out with my brothers and sister and play sports,” she said. “We play basketball, soccer, and football and have a lot of fun.”

     When Elaina’s not home with her family having fun, she’s up the Tynan Gym or the famed Gate of Heaven Hall playing basketball, having more fun and excitement. She loves basketball and was introduced to this sport, at the tender age of three, at the Tynan and Gatey gyms. Her favorite player is Paul Pierce.

     Elaina is also the ball girl for the Dom Savio girls’ varsity basketball team. Her sister is the star point guard on this squad, and in the near future, she hopes to be as terrific a player as her sister is.

     Elaina has been involved in the Tynan Flag Football League for the past three years. She plays in this league every Tuesday night during the fall and winter season, a league astutely run by Tynan Recreation Program Director Kathy Davis and her trusted assistant, Matt Burton.

     Kathy Davis has nothing but high praise for Elaina.

     “She’s just a really good kid,” said Davis. “She’s active at the Tynan in our sports programs, and I look forward to seeing her play whenever she’s in the gym. And, she always has a smile on her face.”

     Someday Elaina would like to be a professional football or basketball player.

     She will continue to dream of the big time, but until then, she’ll just have to enjoy growing up and having fun the old fashioned way in Southie.

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Elaina McCarthy taking a break at the Tynan after playing in the Flag Football League.