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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Reaching for the Stars
By Kevin Devlin

     “I always tell her try to be the best in whatever she does, reach as high as she can, because anything is possible in life if you want to realize it.”

     She plays in the house and travel leagues in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball program.

     She has been active in the South Boston Youth Soccer League since she was only four years old.

     She started her baseball adventures in the local instructional league and loves to pitch and play first base.

     Her favorite sport is football. She has played in the Tynan flag football league for the past two winters, and has been on the “D” and “E” teams in the South Boston Pop Warner Program. Someday, she would love to don the uniform of a professional football player.

     She’s doing quite well in the classroom, and was on the Honor Roll for the first marking period.

     Our athlete-student athlete in the Korner this week is Lorraine “Rainey” Cox.

     Lorraine, 10, is a fifth grader at the Gate of Heaven Elementary School and is focused on her schoolwork. Her favorite subjects are spelling and math, but she isn’t too fond of her social studies class. She had all good grades for the first marking period this school year and plans on continuing her academic success in the future.

     Her favorite food is peaches and she loves Daniel Radcliffe, the star in the well-liked Harry Potter movies. Lorraine’s favorite sports’ heroes are Deion Branch and Ellis Hobbes of the Patriots and former Red Sox shortstop, Nomar Garciaparra.

     Lorraine began playing basketball at the Gatey Instructional league under the tutelage of Barbara Kelly and Linda “The Hoop Guru” Chapin. She is also on the fifth and sixth grade travel team and is being coached by Marie Laundry. Her house league hoop coach is the erudite Paul Mauillari.

     She was a pitcher and first baseman on the Jack Madden Club for Manager John Campbell.  In 2004, this South Boston Minor League team captured the World Series ring, and she pitched four innings of shutout baseball in the playoffs. Last season, Lorraine was a member of the Rooney Real Estate team in the Little League.

     Lorraine was coached by Tommy Doherty, Ricky Curtin, and Sean Egan on the Pop Warner “E” squad, and by Jackie Feeney senior and junior, as well as Randy Dillon, on the “D” team. She was utilized as a linebacker, a wide receiver, and a left and right tackle. She also loves the flag football action at the Tynan.

     Lorraine has played many games in the local soccer league and usually finds herself in front of the net as the team’s goalie. And, in March, to round out her athletic schedule, she plans on trying out for the South Boston Youth Lacrosse League.

     In her spare time, Lorraine likes to read, (especially the Harry Potter novels), listen to music, watch Disney movies, skate board, swim and take tennis lessons at the Boston Athletic Club. Lorraine takes piano lessons at the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Dorchester Street, and is a Gate of Heaven Altar Server. And, she loves walking her dog Daisy. Daisy became a beloved member of the Cox household last August. Lorraine is responsible for taking care of her new smooth fox terrier, a dog she was rewarded with by her mom and dad, Lisa and Kevin, due to her success in the classroom.

     Mom and dad are quite proud of Lorraine’s work ethic in school and on the playing fields. Additionally, they feel the responsibility of being an altar server (an endeavor that she chose herself and one decision that has made her Godmother Auntie Amy quite proud) and taking care of her pet is good for her.

     “All in all, we are quite proud of Lorraine, she’s a very kind person,” said her mom. “She works hard in school and is getting good grades.”

     “Lorraine always does her best, tries her hardest when playing sports,” added her dad. “I always tell her to try to be the best in whatever she does, reach as high as she can, because anything is possible in life if you want to realize it.”

     And, rightly so, they should be proud of their daughter.

She’s eagerly traveling on the right path and enjoying every productive minute of her life.

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Lorraine "Rainey" Cox is productive every single day.