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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Thursday, February 26, 2015
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
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3 on 3 Tournament Tuesday, February 23 at the Pal Gym

     Southie Kids Care February School Tournament Still Has Openings In Girls Divisions.

     Where are all of southie’s great girls hoop players? Every day Gatey Hall, St. Brigid’s Hall, the Tynan and PAL Gym’s are filled with female hoop stars!

     Parents please encourage your daughters to participate this coming Tuesday February 21st in the Southie Kids Care 3 on 3 tournament.

     You can email any late registrations to southiekidscare@hotmail.com.  Also, you may register at South Boston Online's office, 663 E. Broadway.  Registration is $5 per person and $15 per family.

      We'd welcom you if you would like to voluntee your services and help out.

     We have a great day of activities, basketball and some awesome Raffle’s that include Celtics tickets, Disney on Ice tickets, Pop Warner Hooded Sweatshirts and much more.

     The day will begin at 10:30am for kid’s ages 7 through 9 with relay races, free throw contests and more. Remember parents all children in this age group must have a parent or guardian with them.


     We ask everyone participating in the days events to be at the PAL before 12 noon as we will be serving Pizza and drinks at that time.

     At approximately 12:30p.m. we will commence with the three on three tournaments. The day’s activities are focused on family and friends and teams will be judged on sportsmanship as well as their scores. NO trash talking or posturing will be allowed. So lets all have fun and enjoy the day!

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