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South Boston Online
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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
South Boston Online
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Meet Allison Baker and Ainsley Cuddyer
By Kevin Devlin

     Best Buddies love growing up in Southie

     Allison Baker and Ainsley Cuddyer are inseparable buddies, who keep themselves quite busy, by their enthusiastic participation in the various sports programs, offered to them in this rich community.

     Allison Baker, 11, is a sixth-grader at the Gate of Heaven School, and next September will attend Saint Brigid’s. Her favorite subject is history. She loves watching “The Family Guy” as well as the new hit sitcom, “The Office.” Her favorite professional athlete is former Celtic Ricky Davis. Allison enjoys eating cheeseburgers and French Fries, hanging out with her friends, and playing sports.

     Allison played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for six seasons. She also played softball for two years and now spends much of her time honing her basketball skills in the local hoop leagues.

Allison has been active in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) as well as in the All-Dorchester Sports League (ADSL). She has also been playing on the house and travel teams in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball program. She’ll never forget hitting a three-pointer to win the game for her team last season. It was the winning bucket for her fifth and sixth grade Gatey travel team, coached by Mike Joyce.

      Ainsley Cuddyer, 13, is a seventh-grader at Saint Brigid’s, and next fall she intends to attend the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. Her favorite subject is literature. She loves watching the television show, “The Real World” while eating Buffalo tenders from Broadway’s Best. Her favorite professional athlete is Celtics All-Star forward Paul Pierce.

     Ainsley has played softball for three seasons, and like her buddy Allison, she has been involved in the BNBL and the ADSL for three years. She has also played in the Gatey house and travel hoop league programs for the same period of time. Ainsley also was a swimmer for the Southie Boys & Girls Club team for four years; her best stroke is freestyle. She will always remember receiving the “Most Improved Junior Swimmer Award” at the Club Annual Awards Night last June.  

     Someday, Allison would love the opportunity to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).  Ainsley plans on pursuing a career in the hairdressing profession.

     In the meantime, our young buddies should just enjoy being young, having fun, playing sports, and excelling in school.

     And, they should simply enjoy living in a vibrant community that truly cares about them and their future.

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Ainsley and Allison haning

out and enjoying the

basketball action up at the

famed Gatey Hall.