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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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Great Scott
By Kevin Devlin

      He's been active in the Saint Bridget's House basketball league for the past three seasons. He'll never forget hitting a buzzer-beater in the second game of the hoop finals this past season. The Celtics were playing the Niners and it was a tough battle for both squads. He hit the crucial shot late in the game, and his team was victorious, forcing a third and decisive game.

      He started his adventures in the world of hockey when he was only two years old, becoming just another anxious and excited member of the celebrated "Arnie's Army."

     Since then, he has guarded the net throughout the years on various teams in the South Boston Youth Hockey League.

     He also began his journey in the world of football when he was quite young, playing in the South Boston Pop Warner League for six years. He'll always remember registering his first sack, which is always an exhilarating feeling for any gridiron enthusiast. Without doubt, one look will tell you that he's built like a football player.

     He has ventured into the field of lacrosse, playing in the local league for the past two seasons.

     He's certainly tuned into the world of sports and his favorite players are Patriots Teddy Bruschi, ex-Bruin Joe Thornton, and Red Sox star pitcher, Curt Schilling.

     His name is Scott Devlin.

     Scott, 14, is finishing up class work at the Patrick Gavin School on Dorchester Street this school year, and will be attending the Fenway School in the fall. He likes to go to science class but can't seem to get too excited about his math chores. Nevertheless, Scott is doing well in school and intends to continue his focus in the classroom.

     In his leisure time, Scott enjoys eating chicken and French Fries from the Fish Pier on Broadway, while watching his favorite show on the tube, the "Family Guy." And, he likes to "hang out with friends, play basketball, and do what normal kids (my age) usually do."

     Scott is young, and like most kids his age, really doesn't definitively know, at this moment in his life, what career he would like to pursue.

     "People always ask me that same question," said Scott. "I not sure but I guess I would like to become a professional football player. Maybe become a star for the Patriots. If not, I would like to be a zoologist.

     Anytime I see Scott, he is smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. He's a polite, young boy, filled with zeal and enthusiasm for whatever undertaking presented to him. His upbeat and positive demeanor is refreshing and uplifting. His smile is indeed infectious.

     I hope he keeps this positive outlook as he journeys down the path of life.

     If he does, it's going to make life that much easier for him, more enjoyable and incredibly rewarding.

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Scott Devlin likes to "hang

out with friends, play basketball, and do what normal kids (my age) usually do."