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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Saint Brigid's Hoop Awards
By Kevin Devlin

     On Saturday, April 29, the annual Saint Bridget’s house basketball league awards ceremonies were held at the school gym. The parents were treated to a game between the eighth-grade boys’ and girls’ teams, a game won by the feisty and determined young ladies, 71-69. And after the awards were announced, all were treated to pizza.

     Awards were presented to the girls’ and boys’ championship players, respectively coached by Kathy and Ashley Callahan, and Jackie Flemming. Matt Greeley and Brittany Barret were the “MVP’s” of their league. Sportsmanship Awards were given to Richie Errico and Delia Schroeder. Stephanie Gurgian, Marina Sweeney, Jennifer Connolly, Stephanie O’Connor, James Gibson, Ed McDonald, Patrick Sullivan, and Richie Errico were all presented with “Most Improved Player” trophies for their respective squads.

     The awards ceremonies ended yet another season but also ended the era in this program of some truly special people. League Commissioner Steve Rusteika, his wife Kitty, their son Timmy and daughter Annie, along with Coach Jackie Flemming, bid adieu to the league, players, and parents. After years of dedication and sacrifice to the league, they are sadly saying goodbye. 

     “I would like thank all of the coaches who volunteered their time and effort to make this league what it is,” said Commissioner Rusteika. “I say ‘thank you’ to the parents who have cheered on their kids every week throughout the years, which made the games so much fun for everyone. I would also like to thank all of the players who showed their skills, sportsmanship attitudes, and their love for basketball. I say goodbye, will miss all of you, and wish you good luck in the future.”  

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