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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Music Motivates This Club Girl
By Kevin Devlin

     Young student-athlete plans on a musical career

     She plays in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball house league and also on the travel hoop team down at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club.

     She was only four years old, when he dad, her coach, took her down to the park to play in the South Boston Youth Soccer League, and she’s been playing ever since then.

     She is a good student and usually attains Honor Roll grades in school.

     She loves being part of the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. 

     She is not only an active member, but also volunteers her time, helping out when the Club is short staffed. And, next September, she plans on broadening her horizons by teaching music lessons to Club members.

     Our student-athlete-musician in the Korner, this week, is name is Brittany Pappas. 

     Brittany, 13, is in the seventh grade at the John McCormack School in Dorchester. Brittany is doing well in school, and has been on the Honor Roll every marking period for the past two school years. And, even further back than that. Without doubt, she’s a solid student committed to excellence.

     Brittany has been active in sports, playing hoop at the Club and at Gatey, and soccer in the local league under the guidance of her dad, her coach, Jim Pappas. Brittany plays to win, plays hard, and is a good sport.

     “I play hard whenever I play basketball or soccer,” said Brittany. “I had a good season this past year and try to be a good teammate and act in a sportsmanlike way at all times.”  

     Brittany is also a classic Club girl at heart. She loves hanging around and volunteering at the Club. Whenever the Club is short-staffed, the Club staff can rely on her to fill the void and help out supervising the younger members. 

     “The Club is a great place for kids,” said Brittany. “It helps kids. It’s a place we can go to get off the street. Kids can chill out, do their homework, belong to different sports’ teams, and have a lot of fun.”

     Brittany loves to play sports and hang out at the Club, but she also is tuned into playing musical instruments. Indeed, her true love seems to be music. She plays the guitar, drums, and piano, and plans to continuously hone her musical talents. Next September, she intends to increase her volunteer commitment to the Club by teaching musical lessons to other Club members.

     After the next school year, Brittany is going to attend the Boston Arts Academy located within the Fenway School. She hopes to be a musician or a musical producer after her school days are history and a career is upon her. 

     But, in the meantime, it’s simply music to her ears, as she awakens every day and awaits to see what new adventure life has in store for her.

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Brittany Pappas plans on being a musician or musical producer after her school days are history.