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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Sam Dunkle
By Kevin Devlin

     Youngster enjoys baseball, his dad’s incredibly delicious steak tips, and hanging out at the Club

     Samuel Dunkle is having a good time growing up in Southie, and truly enjoys all that the community and his family has to offer him.

Sam, 11, is in the fourth grade at the Saint Mary’s Elementary School. His favorite subject is math but he has trouble focusing on his chemistry assignments. Nevertheless, our youngster is doing well in school and intends to continue doing so.

     During the past six years, Sam’s after-school activities have included playing baseball, soccer, basketball, football, and hanging out at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club.

     Sam has been active in the South Boston Little League for three seasons, and has been used as a pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. Sam has also competed in the Mayor’s Baseball Cup on the ten-and-under squad. His most cherished moments to date, is when he hit his first home run and when he began honing his skills as a pitcher. Sam’s favorite professional baseball players are Red Sox stars David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

     Sam played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for two years, in the Pop Warner program for one, and plays hoop at the Club every chance he gets.

     Sam is the classic Club kid and lives a stone’s throw from it. He hangs there almost every day, and plays basketball and other pick-up games (floor hockey etc.) in the gym. Additionally, Sam loves spending time in the game room and the pre-teen lounge.

Sam knows how fortunate he is to be a Club kid.

     “It’s a great place to go to,” said Sam. “I go there a lot, and it’s great a place to hang out when it’s raining. The people who work at the Club are great too. If we mess up, they are right there, telling us to behave and do the right thing. That’s good. I just love coming here and keeping busy.”

     When Sam isn’t at the Club, he’s home with his family. And, his favorite treat at home is when his dad cooks steak tips on the grille in the back yard. Without doubt, the word around town is that big Bobby Dunkle is a great cook.

     After Sam stops going to the Club and his life’s journey takes him elsewhere, he would like to become a lawyer or a firefighter (like his dad).

     That’s someday, but for now, Sam is just going to enjoy life in Southie, especially life at the Club. 

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Sam Dunkle enjoys hangin out at the Club.