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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Terrence Hayes - Making it in Hollywood
By Kevin Devlin

     Young Southie man followed his dreams and is now a successful Hollywood-based free-lance cinematographer with a busy, demanding, and rewarding schedule

     As a Southie kid, Terrence Hayes had a passion for sailing and an unbridled enthusiasm for the arts. And so, he became an accomplished sailor and a student of the arts, and when he turned his thoughts to a career, he quickly became a successful cinematographer.

     Terrence, the son of Richard and Nina Hayes, spent much of his youthful days sailing at the Boston Harbor Yacht Club and at Castle Island. Although he knows his dad taught him the art of sailing, he just doesn’t remember when he first learnt how to sail, because it just seems that he always knew what to do. Terrence also has many cherished moments sailing with friends such as Kevin Greene, Billy Higgins, as well as the late Harry McDonough. Terrence competed in races against sailors in other community sailing programs and also had the opportunity, on more than one occasion, to sail on the famous sailboat, the “Courageous.” Terrence was also a lifeguard for many summers and spent a lot of time swimming at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club.

     But the ocean, the pool, or famous boats, weren’t the only passion, the only things on this young lad’s mind, while growing up in Southie. When he was five-years old, his mom took him to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), and he immediately knew he was in his element. After that, every Saturday, he would go to the MFA and study the paintings and sculpture.

     After graduating from Don Bosco High School where he concentrated on drafting, he decided to forego a career in naval architecture, and opted to attend the Mass College of Art on Huntington Avenue to study film and painting. And, once he studied film, Terrence knew what his future would be. As Terrence learned from his mistakes and honed his filmmaking skills, he relied on his past study of sculptors and painters and how they utilized light, to be as creative as he possibly could be. 

     In 1999, Terrence moved to Los Angeles and received a Master’s Degree in Cinematography from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) and began his steady and successful climb up the career ladder.

Terrence’s first film was “Southie.”  Since then, he has been involved in 13 episodes of the television reality-show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Girl” and 80 episodes of “Knock First” which is about makeovers for teenagers. Terrence has also worked on “Advantage Hart” starring Kate Bosworth, “Walk the Talk” starring Cary Elweys and Elleana Douglas, and a documentary starring Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson.      

     Terrence just finished working on an independent feature film entitled “On Broadway” which is about a father and son coming together and reaching common ground. It was made around various locations in Greater Boston (including scenes in Southie) and he feels this is a beautiful, dramatic film.

     Terrence’s next three new adventures are about to begin. In July and August, he will be filming a romantic comedy across the country, starring Sam Jaeger and Amber Mellott. In September, he will be marrying Tara Kerrigan and the wedding is going to be held in New Hampshire. He met Tara at a friend’s house in Southie and although she’s from New York, he’s not going to hold this against her. And finally, Terrence, an avid Red Sox fan, is hoping to eventually do a piece on former Red Sox star pitcher Luis Tiant, and is planning his directorial debut, centering around a story he wrote ten years ago which he intends to name “Trust.”

     Terrence is proud of his Southie roots and what he already has accomplished so far in his young life, and without doubt he should be.

Terrence intends to come home to Southie whenever he has some free time.

     And, although deep down inside, I know he truly feels that there’s no place like home, I sense that he also appreciates the fact that Los Angeles-Hollywood-are certainly pretty hip places to hang his hat.    

(Writer’s Note: If interested in more information or a brief chat with our cinematographer, he can be reached at www. Terrence Hayes.com) 

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