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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Meet the Benoit Boys
By Kevin Devlin

     Southie’s fifth generation of Benoit Brothers enjoying life to the fullest

     Their grandparents, along with mom and dad, are quite proud of the fact, that they are the fifth generation of Benoit brothers who have grown up in South Boston.

     They are the Benoit boys, Brendan and Richard Benoit.

     Brendan Benoit

     Brendan, 10, known to family and friends as “Bubba” will be entering the fifth grade next September at the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. His favorite subject is math and his least favorite is reading. He loves watching Sponge Bob Square Pants on the tube. His favorite colors are red and blue, he loves playing the video game Star Wars Battlefront II and he always enjoys eating pizza, mozzarella sticks, meatball subs, and his mom’s delicious home-cooked steak tips. Brendan is a Red Sox and Patriots fan, and his top stars are Pats QB Tom Brady, along with Red Sox players Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. His favorite movie stars are Arnold Schwarchneggar and Adam Sandler.

     Brendan plays football, baseball, and basketball. He has played defensive end for three seasons in the South Boston Pop Warner League. This is his second season on the O’Brien Club in the South Boston Little League in which he pitches and plays the outfield. Brendan also is a hoop nut and is involved in the Gatey CYO house hoop league in the wintertime. His most memorable moment in the sports world, so far in his young life, is when he caught for his brother during the last game of the Little League season last summer.

     In his leisure time, Brendan plays golf and goes snowboarding and swimming with his father Richard, and to the movies with his mom, Michelle. His favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Star Wars movies, and Son of the Mask. He collects stickers of all kinds and baseball cards. Brendan also sails in the Harry McDonough Sailing Program at Castle Island, and spends time with “Pa” McColgan on his boat and with “PaPa” Benoit on vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Brendan someday would like to follow in the footsteps of his dad and become an EMT for Boston EMS.

    Richard Benoit

    Richard, 13, nicknamed “Ricky” will be a seventh-grader at the Gavin Middle School in the fall. His favorite subject is reading but he isn’t too keen on his math studies. His favorite television show is the “Family Guy” which airs on channel 25 on Sunday nights. Ricky enjoys playing the Matrix on Playstation II while slurping down ice cream. He also loves going to the Outback Restaurant to eat a juicy steak. His favorite color is red, and his favorite professional players are Tom Brady, David Ortiz, “Big Papi” and Celtics Star Paul Pierce.

     Ricky enjoys drawing and began doing so when he was only 4-years old. He also enjoys golfing, snowboarding, sailing at Castle Island, and spending time with his grandfathers. Ricky also is an avid moviegoer and his favorite tinsel-town stars are the Terminator, Arnold Schwarchneggar, and Matrix savior, Keanu Reeves.

     Ricky began playing baseball in the South Boston T-Ball League, and after competing in the Instructional Rookie League, and Little League on the O’Brien Club, is now in his first Babe Ruth League season. He pitches and plays the outfield. In his last game as a Little Leaguer, Ricky pitched a shutout. He also is played in the Gatey hoop league for three seasons and last year played on the “B” team in the local Pop Warner program. Ricky really loves football and in one game last season, he registered seven tackles, two sacks, and caused one fumble. Not bad for a rookie gridiron participant.

     Someday, Ricky would either like to become a professional football player, a state trooper, or a Coast Guard Officer.

     On a final Note

     Mom and dad are proud of their sons and know that keeping them busy is important for their future development in the classroom and on the playing fields. They stay involved because they truly care and are loving parents. Loving parents who only wish the best for their sons because that’s the cut of their jib, the manner in which they were raised by their parents, and because they know they have good kids with big hearts.

     And, they’re so right.  

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