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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Enjoying the Fourth of July
By Kevin Devlin

     On the Fourth of July we celebrated the birth of our nation. The birth of a democratic nation dedicated to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The birth of a nation dedicated to serving the people, being of the people and for the people. We celebrate the birth of a nation of free people, to honor the moment, but also because we must not take for granted the freedoms we enjoy every single day nor forget the lessons of the past.

     Freedom is indeed a priceless gift we must cherish, a gift-a right-that has been protected by the ultimate sacrifice of many Americans throughout our nation’s history. And knowing this, we must continue to always be prepared to defend our country from those who would destroy our freedom, our way of life.

     During the Fourth of July holiday, I customarily take time to reflect on how truly fortunate we are, and this Fourth was no exception. I reflected on and honored those who died for our country so that we still can enjoy our freedom, our families, and our friends. 

     Tyranny did not die when the American Colonists successfully cut the political connection to England. Today, millions and millions of people throughout the world live under totalitarian control. In many countries, the two vile, despicable cousins, Civil War and Famine, are also ever-present reminders that not all people on this planet are lucky enough to be Americans.

     We surely enjoy many simple activities we take for granted because we have always had our freedom to do so, freedoms we have always assumed and declared as an unalienable right. Yet this is not the case beyond our shores, because freedom is non-existent in many countries, entirely a myth, or otherwise a perpetrated sham.

     People are murdered and tortured for their political views. People are imprisoned without just cause, and one can forget being afforded any form of Miranda rights or due process. Dissent and original thought are not welcomed in these oppressive wastelands. These governments dominated by ruthless, evil men, are not for or by the people, for they only seek to control, and if necessary, destroy those they purport to represent. Life to them means nothing, their people-an instrument-a means to their evil, selfish, inhumane ends. 

     The Fourth of July 2006 is history. We can now reflect upon the colorful and breathtaking fireworks we watched, as well as the wonderful, mind-soothing concerts we heard. We can think about old friends we saw again and new friends we made. We can think about the delicious food and drinks we partook of as we celebrated the birth of our glorious nation. But, we must not forget that although every single person on this planet should be free, this is not so.

     The next time you take a walk along M Street Beach, take a moment and gaze upon our beautiful national flag located in the Hicks Memorial Park right next to the Boston Harbor Yacht Club. Whenever you see the Stars and Stripes, pause for a moment and think about how lucky we are. When you watch your son or daughter playing baseball on a warm summer’s night, think about how fortunate we are. When you gaze upon the faces of loved ones count your blessings. Thank God, Fate, and the Heavens that we are Americans.

     Throughout our 200-year plus history, America has been challenged by forces of evil, but we have always persevered and weathered the challenges dropped squarely upon our doorsteps. Good in the end always triumphs against forces of darkness, against tyranny, against evil.  

     Remember this. As long as Old Glory is waving in the wind, we will be solemnly reminded that our incredible nation continues to thrive as a democracy.

     And, when you see that those beautiful colors, the wonderful red, white, and blue, it should remind you-me-everyone-that we do live in the greatest country, the best country, and the most honorable country in the world. 

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