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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Fifth Annual Softball Classic
By Kevin Devlin

     Lifelong Southie friends gathered at McCarthy-Rosher Memorial Field to play their annual softball games and have a good time

     Last Saturday, July 22, about thirty lifelong Southie friends gathered at the McCarthy-Rosher Memorial Field to spend their time playing softball and reminiscing about the old days, as well as talking about the present. Many a good (and bad) softball play was turned this day while food and laughs were plentiful.

     Here are a few of the highlights of the day:

  • Scotty “Beam me up” Maginnis won his second consecutive hot dog eating contest. This kid is becoming a legendary figure in the hot dog world. Scotty ate, no, devoured, 58 hot dogs in 4.56 minutes to surpass last year’s record. He is untouchable in this event. His nearest competitor, Steve Lavey could only muster up enough intestinal fortitude to eat 8 dogs in 10 minutes.
  • Dennis Maginnis attempted to play shortstop for the first time in his life-and it was ugly-ruining Joe Rolfe’s bid for a shutout. Dennis also had 47 errors in the field, but did make one good play, so considering this it wasn’t such a bad day for him after all.
  • John Lavey didn’t make one bad call all day as the softball umpire, but that of course, was impartially defended by Pat, Steve, and Dennis (Lavey).
  • Dennis “Turtle” Toland, aka the “Speedster” was actually thrown out at first by three feet by Dorsey Connolly from centerfield.
  • Another speedster, Timmy “The Tank” Rogers, hit the ball to centerfield and was thrown out, according to the participants, by a mile, hitting into a 1-6-5-4-8-1-3. After that, Timmy was so hungry he almost ate the fake hot dog that was planted on the table, and then ending up trying to eat one of the softballs because there weren’t any more cheeseburgers.
  • Dorsey Connolly edged out John “Neezo” for the his second consecutive “MVP” and still managed to go home with a completely clean shirt, while Neezo looked like a rug-rat at the end of the day, his shirt all muddied up from the wet field. Of course it wasn’t as dirty as Scotty Bothwell’s t-shirt. Scotty successfully stole first, second, and third, sliding headfirst into all three bases with abandon. What a competitor, indeed, what an athlete this Bothwell kid is.
  • George “Jimmy” Greene did another tremendous job at the grille, feeding his hungry friends.  
  • When it started raining, everyone momentarily took cover under Dennis Toland’s tattoo. 
  • The old-timers beat the younger guys in the softball games as the edge goes to experience once more.
  • Congratulations to Mike “The Hammer” Mogan who is getting married to Laurie Bothwell at Saint Brigid’s Church in three weeks.
  • Speaking of the Bothwell Clan, the Bothwell boys, Scotty, Dapper, and Timmy, were each called out in three consecutive endings, but the umpire was generous and only called a total of three outs instead of nine. 
  • Neezo’s kids, Matt and Haley, didn’t outplay him this year because they weren’t there. Rumor has it that Neezo didn’t want to be embarrassed again so he made sure his kids were busy somewhere else. And, the word is that he didn’t even tell them he was going.
  • Jackie Chisolm probably would have been 0-34 at bat again this year, but luckily for him, he was a no-show. It really didn’t matter anyhow, because the rumor was floating around that Jack was going to be cut from the squad if he came.
  • Speaking of no-shows, two other guys left their friends hanging out to dry (pardon the pun since it did rain out). Eddie “Wilt” Curran was supposedly all set to run the bases but was nowhere to be found. One rumor had it that Wilt was just sitting at home resting on a heat rock. The other notion was that Quincy was too far of a drive for the ex-Southie-ite. Brian Connolly also may have pulled an “I thought it was cancelled due to the weather” excuse, but the real story circulating around Southie is that Brian was too busy guarding his new Cadillac.
  • Based on these no-shows, the planning committee may sit down and review who and who won’t be invited to this fun-filled event next summer.
  • Pat Lavey is proud that he was the high stakes winner at the end of the day.
  • And to wrap it up, the general consensus of all who attended this year’s event was that Ed Barrett shouldn’t get any mention of any significance in this article whatsoever.                     

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Here, here, most of the gang is

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friends.  They never allowed

the rain to dampen their spirits.