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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Walsh Center "Kid"
By Kevin Devlin

     Jared “Lucky” Reddy loves hanging out at the “Stretch” Walsh Community Center

     Jared is a lucky boy in more ways than one. He said his parents and cousin are the only ones that call him “Lucky” but he also knows he’s lucky to be able to go to the “Stretch” Walsh Center during the week, to keep himself busy and off the streets.

     Jared, 12, attends the Gavin School in South Boston. He loves reading but can’t seem to get motivated for math classes. Jared said he intends to do well, to concentrate-to put his nose to the grindstone-in September-and bring home some solid grades.

     Jared enjoys eating pizza from the Land of Pizza on Broadway. His favorite colors are blue, green, and black. His favorite professional athletes are Patriot’s star quarterback, Tom Brady, and Red Sox World Series hero, Curt Schilling. Jared said that he really didn’t have a favorite television show but does listen to the music channels on the tube.  

     Jared plays pick-up soccer games with his friends, has dabbled in a little boxing, and played baseball for one season. He also played on the “D” team in the South Boston Pop Warner Football League for two seasons, and intends to suit up this fall and make some stupendous gridiron plays. Jared said that someday he would either like to be a professional soccer, baseball, or football player.

     In his leisure time, Jared loves reading science fiction books, taking walks around Southie, swim in the Lagoon, as well as go fishing with his family. He has a lot of fun when he has the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire and go fishing in his Godfather’s boat. And last but not least, by no means, Lucky enjoys hanging out with his pals at the “Stretch” Walsh Community Center. He keeps himself preoccupied at the center and journeys up to his second home every time he’s able to do so. And, that’s quite often, according to Walsh Center program supervisor, John Lydon.

     “He’s like a permanent, welcomed-fixture at the center,” said Lydon. “Hanging here keeps Jared off of the streets and out of any potential trouble.”

     Jared does indeed love hanging out at this center, has a ton of fun, but would also like to see it open on the weekends.

     “The center should be open on Saturdays and Sundays for us, for me and my friends, and all other kids,” Jared said. “That way we would have somewhere to go and keep busy. That would make me very happy.

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Jared "Lucky" Reddy, aka the Walsh Center "Kid" enjoys hanging out with his friends at this center and keeping himself busy.