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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Sarah McColgan
By Kevin Devlin

     Honor Roll student keeps herself preoccupied at all times

     Her smile lights up a room like a Christmas tree during the holiday season. She is a young, smart, and beautiful girl with a bright future waiting to unfold. Her name is Sarah McColgan.

     Sarah, 10, will be a fifth-grader this month at the Perry School in South Boston. Her favorite subject is math but she’s not too enthusiastic about her writing class. But there’s not any need to worry or fret, because this young lass is a focused student that has been consistently on the Honor Roll.

     Her favorite television show is Drak and Josh, she’s likes movie star Johnny Depp, while her favorite professional sports heroes are Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, and Patriot stars Tedy Bruschi and Tom Brady.

     Sarah was a South Boston Pop Warner cheerleader for two seasons. She began playing soccer in the South Boston Youth Soccer League three years ago. During her first season, her team went undefeated and last season they only lost two games. Sarah started playing softball this past summer in the Red Sox Rookie League. She enjoyed the games, was a good hitter, and already has “caught a million” fly balls.

     In her leisure time, Sarah enjoys reading, playing on the computer, planting flowers, and taking care of her two hermit crabs and her cat Josie. She hopes her mother, Melissa, will relent and let her have a pet hamster, but that isn’t happening in the foreseeable future.  Sarah also enjoys playing hide and go seek, hanging out with her friends, and going shopping with her mother. Sarah does chores around the house and saves her allowance so she can go on shopping sprees once in a while.

     Sarah also likes to travel. Only a youngster, she has already been to New Hampshire, Cape Cod, New York, Florida, Washington D.C., Georgia, North Carolina, and to Italy. Her favorite trip to date was to Disneyland. She and her mom are already planning another “road trip” and hope to someday travel across the entire country.

     If Sarah was the president of the United States, she would stop the war (in the Middle East) and work towards world peace. She would also start programs to halt the cutting down of trees to ease erosion. Sarah would also put animal poachers in jail, she “don’t like animal poachers.” Indeed, admirable thoughts for such a young girl.

     Her mom is quite proud of her and she should be.

     “She’s a good girl,” said Melissa. “She’s does really well in school, reads all the time, keeps herself busy at home with the pets and planting, and helps me out. I am very proud of her.”

     Someday, Sarah would either like to be a veterinarian, or own a pet shop.

     Whatever she does, you can bet she will be a success because she is a smart, determined, focused, young girl with a zest and love for life that will not be denied.

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     Student Athlete

Sarah loves planting, her pets, reading, traveling, and just hanging out with mom as well as with her friends.