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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Burning with Enthusiasm
By Kevin Devlin

     Catholic Conference League varsity volleyball “All-Star” plans to attend college after this school year and major in journalism, with minors in English and psychology

     She’s a senior at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton.

She’s an Honor Roll student and is in an Advanced Placement (AP) English class.

     On her junior varsity volleyball team, she was the “MVP” in her freshman year. As a varsity volleyball player, she was the recipient of the team’s “Sportsmanship Award” as a sophomore, and was the team’s “MVP” in her junior year. As a senior, she was selected as team captain, and during her sophomore (2004) and senior seasons (2006) she was chosen as a Catholic Conference League “All-Star”. As a senior, she had a tremendous “Serving streak” of eight consecutive kills, thereby scoring eight consecutive points for her team.

     She was on the junior varsity basketball team as a freshman and sophomore. She received the “Most Improved Player” Award at the conclusion of her first season, and during her sophomore year was the team captain as well as the recipient of the “Coaches” Award. She was on the varsity hoop squad as a junior and will be on the court again as a senior when the 2006-2007 season begins. She doesn’t like to shoot that often and concentrates more on her passing game, and thus far, has registered many assists throughout her high school career.

     Her name is Julie Brynes.

     Julie, 17, is a pleasant, well-mannered, polite, young girl who attends Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton. She is doing well in school and plans to attend college and major in journalism, with minors in English and psychology.

     At school, Julie is the Student Council Secretary. As their secretary, she is involved in coordinating “Student Spirit Week” and “Student Spirit Day” in which students gets together, have some fun playing sports and get to know each other better outside of the classroom. The Student Council also runs a fashion show, a Halloween social and other events throughout the school year.

     Julie is also the President of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). These students discuss such issues as AIDS Awareness, drunken driving, and how to fight against negative peer pressure. Lastly, Julie is the secretary to the Athletic Association, wherein she assists the Athletic Director, her beloved aunt and mentor, Marie Laundry. 

     In her spare time, Julie is an avid reader and loves historical books, particularity the Elizabethan/Victorian Age. She also likes to shop with her mom and hang out with her cousins in Southie. Her favorite color is lime green. She loves watching Angelina Jolie on the big screen and also loves scary movies. Julie enjoys eating her favorite dish, Chicken Marsala, whenever she’s watching “America’s next top Model” or “Grey’s Anatomy” on the tube.

     Julie is also cognizant of the world around her. If she were the President of the United States, she said she would pull the troops out of Iraq. She would like to see students accepted to college based on their grades, demeanor, and behavior, rather than their race. She would also have the illegal immigrants become citizens before they were given any rights, and would like to see higher wages for all people.

     In addition to keeping a watchful eye on the national stage, and aside from school and family life, Julie keeps herself busy in the athletic world and began her adventures there in the local arenas. She played softball for a couple of seasons for the Gate of Heaven CYO Program and begin her journey in volleyball in the Gatey Volleyball League run by William “Touchie” McDonough.

     Julie began playing basketball in the Gatey Instructional League and subsequently hustled on every play, at the famed Gatey Hall, until she donned her high school uniform. Julie received some solid instruction throughout these years from a many a coach, especially from her Gatey middle school team coaches, Marie Laundry and Debbie Duffy. And not forgetting her roots, Julie has been coaching in the Gatey midget league for the past three seasons, and officiating for the past two years.

     “I have coached many, lovely young ladies over the years,” said Laundry. “But Julie is a standout. Of course, some of that is because she’s my number one niece. She has a kind and quiet presence. She is a good and loyal friend who is committed to all of her endeavors.

“Julie’s greatest asset to her teammates is her willingness to play any position and always look for the open person,” added Laundry. “She does a great job of engaging other people while helping them to feel comfortable. I have been involved in all facets of Julie’s life, family, and sports, and I am very proud of her. I know she will accomplish great things. ‘Love Ya.’ ” 

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Volleyball “All-Star” Julie

Brynes is mature beyond her

age, a pleasant and polite,

young girl.