Southie’s Super Bowl Picks

By Kevin Devlin

   I asked some South Boston residents, young and old alike, which team they thought would win Super Bowl. LI, and not surprisingly, they unanimously declared that our beloved New England Patriots would win yet another NFL Super Bowl Championship. Here are their predictions:  

   “It’s going to be a very close game. Both quarterbacks are going to shine and it’s going to go right down to the wire. Pats win 34-28.” (Kathy Davis)                                                                                                                                                      

   “James Develin will score a touchdown. Chris Hogan will have a good game and Brady will be the game’s MVP. Pats win 34-20.” (Greg Lally)

   “Chris Hogan and the defense are going to have amazing games. Brady won’t throw any picks and LeGarrette Blount will rush for a touchdown. Pats win 35-18.” (Aiden Colton)                                                                                                       

   “Malcolm Butler makes another pick on the one-yard line and Pats win 25-17.” (Liam Colton)

   “LeGarrette Blount will have at least one touchdown run and I’d like to see a crazy trick play like Julian Edelman throwing a touchdown pass. Pats win 41-27.” (Harry Cully)                                                                                                   

   “They’re going to blow them out of the water. Blount won’t be stopped and Brady will be great. Pats win 34-20.” (Jake Donovan)

   “I think it’s going to be a high scoring game for sure.  Brady will be the game’s MVP. Pats win 37-33.” (Sherike Morris)

   “It’s going to be a high scoring game. Not too much defense. Pats will lose if they don’t stop Atlanta’s running backs. But Pats win 42-37.” (Ronnie Maciejewski)

   “I predict it will be an offensive-minded game. I think it’s cool that we’re going to see a BC grad play in the game. Pats win 49-35.” (Jean Harrison)

   “Pats will win as long as they don’t commit any costly turnovers. Malcolm Butler and company will have to be on top of their game because Matt Ryan is going to throw the ball a lot. When the Pats mix it up with their running and passing game, things will open up for them. Brady will break a record. Pats win 24-10.”                          (Jerry Galvin)

   “It’s going be close for sure but then in the second half the Patriots are going take off and they’ll win the game 21-14. (Danny O’Neill)

   “The Patriots are ready for the game and will play together as a team. Coaching will also be a major reason for the Patriots’ win. My prediction is 31-21. Go Pats!!!!!” (Ed Flynn)

   “The combined experience of Brady and Belichick should make the difference. Quinn has some experience in the Super Bowl but not as a head coach. The Pats defense is better than the Atlanta defense. Atlantic is last in the league in red zone defense and Pats should be able to exploit it. The game will be competitive and the Pats know that you can’t just show up and expect to win. Winning this Super Bowl will make Brady and Belichick the greatest winning duo in NFL history. Pats win 37-20.” (Bobby McGarrell)

What do you Predict?

Jeanne Rooney

Jeanne Rooney is the Editor in Chief for South Boston Online.

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