Dorchester Bay City – “Housing and Economic Development”

The second of four virtual meetings in 2022 concerning the proposed Dorchester Bay City project (the “DBC”) took place via ZOOM on Thursday, January 20, from 6 to 8 p.m.  The two key topics discussed were housing, followed by economic development, with particular emphases on affordable housing and jobs that would become available as DBC is developed. The overall outline of this meeting had diversity, equity, and inclusion as its themes.  The benefits claimed from the DBC project include economic/small business development in a little-used part of Boston, protection of the Harbor Point neighborhood (and its residents) from storms and sea level rise, resilient infrastructure for outdoor pursuits (biking, walking, beaching), building sustainably green structures that are carbon neutral, and enhancing Boston’s access to nearby … Continue reading Dorchester Bay City – “Housing and Economic Development”