Please reserve Saturday evening, March 16 – just over two weeks from now – for a celebration.  Ayla (Dugan) Considine, a lifelong South Boston resident, invites you to a gala party to celebrate the ongoing recovery from cancer of her and Dan Considine’s daughter – three-and-a-half year old Ava Considine.  The party to celebrate Ava’s recovery will be held in Charlestown, at the Bunker Hill Knights of Columbus Hall, 545 Medford Street.

Yes, of course March 16 falls on Parade weekend here in South Boston.  But Dan, Ava’s father, a USMC veteran, and a Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department, was born and brought up in Charlestown.  The Knights of Columbus in Charlestown have kindly consented to open their Hall for 100 more guests.  Tickets are $25; please contact Ayla (857-445-5644, or Dan (617-233-3067; to obtain yours.  If you need any added incentive to attend Ava’s celebration, please remember a historical fact:  Charlestown was the very first Irish settlement anywhere in America.
And a “time” for Ava really will be a celebration!  Central to the party will be Ava’s recovery from cancer, of course.

In addition, there’ll be music and dancing with DJ “Smoky” Cain, along with a performance of Irish dancing.  The raffles will be outstanding as well.  For you Southie sports fans, there’s a signed Tom Brady jersey, two tickets to the 2019 regular season Pats game (of your choice!), a Bruins’ “High Five” experience (+ game) for four, a two-ticket brace of tix to the Red Sox, and another two-ticket brace to the Celtics.  Other raffles include four tickets to a Gillette Stadium concert of your choice, a weekend getaway to Irish Village, and a full book of scratch tickets.  Topping off the Auction is a Super Bowl helmet – signed by the Patriots after their LIII 2019 win.  You can’t beat that with a stick!

We mentioned that young Ava has recovered from cancer.  The type of cancer she had is known by the ominous name of “neuroblastoma” – NB for short.  NB is the name of a type of cancer caused by the body’s nerve cells mutating and beginning to grow into a deadly tumor.  You can imagine their feelings of dread, when Dan and Ayla first heard about Ava’s NB cancer, which was growing in her abdomen.  She was only two-and-a-half back then.  At Mass General, Ava first underwent two rounds of chemotherapy, but that left the NB tumor unchanged.  After that, it seemed that surgical removal of the NB cancer was Ava’s best (and only other) option.  The surgery has worked.  For more than a year, Ava has had no remission.

Dan and Ayla Considine are extremely grateful that Ava’s NB procedures were successful. That is why they are inviting you to a celebration that the Considines are calling “A Night for Neuroblastoma”.  This is a gratitude party; all proceeds will be donated to the childhood cancer organization known as “Beat NB”.  Dan and Ayla are “giving bacK’ on March 16.  Please help them show their gratitude for Ava’s marvelous recovery.

If you are looking to donate or participate in any way please contact