5 08, 2023

Back Home

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Josh Davis Returns to Southie to Take Helm at Boys & Girls Club By Ginger DeShaney Josh Davis’ career has come full circle. His first job after graduating from Tulane with a degree in Sociology was Education Director at the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club from 2001-2007. He then held several other positions with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, including Director at the Orchard Gardens and Dearborn Clubs, before coming back to Southie to replace Harry Duvall as Executive Director.  “Ever since I was able to work, I was working with children in some capacity,” said Josh, who credits his passion to his parents. “Just the idea of giving back to the community has always been instilled in me since [...]

28 07, 2023

Smooth Sailing

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Harry McDonough Sailing Center’s Free Program Unlocks Ocean's Magic for Local Youth By Ginger DeShaney It may just be the most unique summer experience for youths in South Boston. Or anywhere else, for that matter. The nonprofit Harry McDonough Sailing Center, in existence since 1972, spreads the love of sailing and the ocean by teaching youngsters how to sail. For free. The center’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with a fun, safe, and accessible environment while promoting positive life skills and values through sailing. There are sailing lessons in the morning and open sailing in the afternoon. There’s also swimming (in a designated area), paddleboarding, kayaking, friendship, and so much more. “It's an amazing activity to do in the summer,” said Wil Hingston, assistant [...]

30 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Mae Lafferty

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Determination, teamwork, and commitment have been, and will undoubtedly continue to be values of this Matignon High 2023 graduate. Heading to New England College in Henniker, NH, Mae, 18, will be leaving her lifelong home in South Boston as she optimistically launches the next stage. “I expect to be homesick, 100 percent,” she said, “It’s a bit scary, especially being in another state, but the independence will be fun, and It’s a place I can continue with sports, and being on my own will be good.” In addition to earning the highest average in her history class, Mae plays hockey and lacrosse and received an award for excellence in the two sports. She plans to major in Sports Management and possibly minor in Athletic Training/Kinesiology. [...]

26 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Quantae Blakey

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Eighteen-year-old Excel High School graduate Quantae Blakey loved English and Science, but beyond academics learned how to persist with dignity in less-than-ideal circumstances. He moved to South Boston from Lynn to live with his father three years ago and has had more adjustments than many adults know in a lifetime. He quickly named at least seven places he lived, including family shelters and with relatives. “Graduation is something I wanted to do for my dad, Derick Blakey,” he said. He also knows it may help his future. “I love to cook, so I hope something like that can work out. Not so much customer service, but the culinary arts part is one of my goals.” “I’ve been isolated most of my life,” said Quantae. “I [...]

20 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Shaun Noonan

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It takes a special kind of person to go back to earn a high school degree several years after attending school, and twenty-five-year-old Shaun Noonan is one. He earned his high school equivalency degree (G.E.D) on April 28, 2023! The only child of Maryann Noonan, Shaun has lived in South Boston all of his life, and it is in this community where he achieved his goals and looks toward a promising future. “I went to the Neighborhood House since I was a kid, and then started working there at 15, and that’s where I work now,” he said. “They are the reason I got the degree. They said, you need to do this, and I did. Kathy Lafferty called Julie’s Family Learning and that was [...]

12 06, 2023

Molly Walsh: South Boston Graduate

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Graduating in the final class of Matignon High School, Molly Walsh, lifelong South Boston resident, is filled with gratitude despite the closure of a school she loved. She is headed to the University of New Hampshire with sensitivity and thoughtful goals. “I went to Boston Latin Academy from grades 7-9 after Boston Catholic Academy but transferred to Matignon to play hockey. It became like a family. The teachers took the time to know you at a deeper level and that pushed me to want to do better,” she said. “I made so many friends and got to know and was supported by coaches too,” she said. Molly played hockey and lacrosse at Matignon. The challenges of this graduating class are well documented, and Molly, a [...]

9 06, 2023

Ash O’Brien: South Boston Graduate

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Ash O’Brien has completed high school with a Graduate Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) with a strong vision for the future. They (preferred pronoun) are preparing for college with the goal of becoming a music therapist. “It’s a way of helping people and I would love to be at Tufts or Children’s Hospital using music as a way to help kids or adults through hard times,” said Ash. “I’m going to UMass Boston with a major in Music Therapy and minor in Psychology which I think is the right combination, and really look forward to it.” Ash knows something about challenge and how to think about paths that allow for greater growth and less stress. Initially, a student at the Boston Latin School from grade 7 until [...]

8 06, 2023

Timothy (Doc) Cook Scholarship Recipients Honored

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Twelve outstanding students who have demonstrated community involvement and an understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder and its effects have been awarded Timothy (Doc) Cook Scholarships. The scholarships are given in memory of Tim Cook, a Navy Corpsman who brought medical care to wounded soldiers on the battlefield. He was 28 years old in March 2013 when he lost his battle with PTSD from his combat experiences. The scholarship recipients were honored Sunday at a ceremony at the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post 561 attended by veterans, City Council President Ed Flynn, Rep. David Biele, outgoing Boston Police VFW 1018 Commander Craig DeOld, and friends and family. “The Timothy (Doc) Cook Foundation is dedicated to educating our youth and increasing awareness of PTS/PTSD within our community,” [...]

25 05, 2023

Southie Scholar: Henry Gailunas

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By Carol Masshardt Education is connected to service for Catholic Memorial graduate, 18-year-old Henry Gailunas. Many peers are headed to college, but this graduate is choosing a different route and one that is driven by knowledge of how he learns and how he wants to contribute. After six years at CM, he is taking a “gap year” to continue working full time at Fat Baby and Petula’s restaurants in South Boston, where he worked since interning as part of the Neighborhood House program. Then, he plans to enter either the Coast Guard or Marines or work in a union position. His ultimate goal is to follow the examples of his grandfather and father and become a firefighter. “My parents (Peter Gailunas and Maureen Dahill) support [...]

18 02, 2023

Fort Point Writer Helps Create Dyslexia Documentary    

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By Ginger DeShaney  Black Pearl Productions’ passion project, “Blame it on Gutenberg,” is getting high praise from the dyslexia community.  Fort Point resident Rocco Giuliano is a writer and producer on the documentary and filmed some of the interviews at his A Street studio. “This is a must-see documentary on the evolution of reading, reading science, and dyslexia,” Susan L. Condrin, M.A., CCC-SLP, said in a testimonial. The documentary, which is directed at parents, focuses on the evolving science of dyslexia, dueling theories over how to teach reading, and one family’s struggle with an unresponsive school system. The film defines dyslexia as a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read letters and symbols. In 2016, a nonprofit reached out to Black [...]

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