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27 11, 2020

Black Friday popups

2020-11-27T20:03:59-05:00November 27th, 2020|Categories: Business, Featured, Happenings|0 Comments

Several women-owned small businesses popped up on East Broadway in front of Roza Lyons for Black Friday shopping. Colleen Howard of Camden Hydes recruited the businesses for the popups and Rob Fitzharris of Roza Lyons generously donated the space in front of his restaurant. There was a steady stream of shoppers throughout the afternoon. Another popup will be held behind the Playwright, Colleen said.  (PHOTOS BY GINGER DeSHANEY)   Colleen Howard (left) and Sue Lynch of Camden Hydes   Camden Hydes bracelets   Jane Hayes of Wolfie's All Natural Treats   Wolfie's gifts   Barbara Kelly (left) and Maureen Beatty of Lazy Jack   Home decor from Lazy Jack   Tracy (left) [...]

27 11, 2020

Giving thanks … during a pandemic

2020-11-27T11:06:12-05:00November 27th, 2020|Categories: Featured, Lifestyle|0 Comments

By Ginger DeShaney The year 2020 has been brutal, from the global COVID-19 pandemic, high unemployment, and business closures to remote learning, holiday restrictions, and political turmoil. But despite all this, people in South Boston are thankful for what they do have as we enter the holiday season. From healthy families to beloved dogs, people are cherishing what means the most to them during these unusual times. “I’m thankful for the health of my loved ones,” said Raphaela, who was at Dorchester Heights with Patrick and her dog, Tulip, last week. “The pace of this year has allowed me to spend more time with the people I love.” Patrick is very thankful for his family being safe.  And they are both thankful for 3-year-old Tulip.  [...]

21 11, 2020

Catch the Waves:  New hair boutique focuses on customized service 

2020-11-21T13:06:24-05:00November 21st, 2020|Categories: Business, Featured|0 Comments

By Ginger DeShaney For Erin Ghella and Marty Horn, one blessing came out of the COVID-19 pandemic: their new hair boutique, Feather & Waves.  During the state shutdown, Marty was laid off from her job and Erin’s hours were drastically cut. Marty called Erin and asked: “Do you want to open a salon with me? I’m serious. It needs to happen.” “We held hands and said, ‘Let’s go,’ ” said Erin. “We’re Laverne and Shirley over here.” “It’s one good thing that came out of COVID,” Marty said. “I never thought I’d actually do it. But we had no choice. No one was hiring.” Located at 653 E. Broadway, Feather & Waves Hair Boutique has been open for about two months. Marty, 30, and Erin, [...]

20 11, 2020

Oh, Christmas trees! Santa ups his delivery game

2020-11-20T08:15:39-05:00November 20th, 2020|Categories: Featured, Happenings|0 Comments

By Ginger DeShaney We all know Santa Claus delivers gifts on Christmas Eve. But in the Boston area, Santa has expanded his job description to include delivering trees.  Santa Trees Boston, run by Robert Harrington and Dan Brett, 2018 Boston College graduates, allows you to order a tree online for delivery to your house.  They’ve been thinking about this venture since college and made it a reality this year. Robert and Dan, both 24, were off-campus roommates at BC. “We carried the tree to the house and thought, ‘There has to be a better way,’ ” said Robert, a native of Virginia. “We thought this would be a fun thing, and the Santa suits are an added bonus.”  They did their research and found that [...]

13 11, 2020

Serenity now: East Side Yoga & Fitness offers peace of mind during stressful times

2020-11-13T08:36:42-05:00November 13th, 2020|Categories: Business, Featured|Comments Off on Serenity now: East Side Yoga & Fitness offers peace of mind during stressful times

By Ginger DeShaney With everything going on in the world right now -- from the Covid-19 pandemic to the political situation -- people are seeking an antidote. One such medicine comes with a mat.  “At this point, our mental well-being is at the forefront,” said Andrea Corazzini, owner of East Side Yoga & Fitness at 584 E. Broadway. “We’re trying to navigate this new landscape.” Andrea likes to say that the physical part gets people on the mat, and the mental benefits keep them there. “Exercise helps you get out of your own head. Someone tells you what to do so you can just zone out.” Yoga offers a sense of peace and mindfulness, Andrea said, something we could all use right now. “It clears [...]

12 11, 2020

This library is open: Bakers share their love of reading

2020-11-12T08:37:48-05:00November 12th, 2020|Categories: Featured, Lifestyle|Comments Off on This library is open: Bakers share their love of reading

By Ginger DeShaney Rachel and Billy Baker are avid readers. And they are hoping to instill that love of reading in others through their Little Free Library, the first one in South Boston. “We want people to take books,” Rachel said, noting that she anticipates the Little Free Library will encourage reading, especially in these times when people can’t use the public library as they normally would.  According to its website, Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges. On Oct. 22, Rachel announced on the Southie Community Bulletin Board Facebook page that her Little Free Library was open at 430 E. 8th St., in her front yard and easily [...]

11 11, 2020

Fitzgerald Post Unveils Centennial Plaque

2020-11-11T18:40:57-05:00November 11th, 2020|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on Fitzgerald Post Unveils Centennial Plaque

by Rick Winterson   It was a joyful occasion – the Memorial gathering at the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post No. 561 on  Veterans Day in 2020, and the unveiling of the Post’s 100th Anniversary Centennial Plaque.  The Post was named for Thomas J. Fitzgerald, killed in action during World War I on July 19, 1918.  He was only 24; he died just five short months after he enlisted in the Army. Fitzgerald came from South Boston.  A resident at 224 Gold Street, he was the only WWI casualty from his Knights of Columbus chapter, so his friends and fellow K of C members founded a Veterans of Foreign Post in his name.  The Thomas J. Fitzgerald Post received its VFW Post No. 561 charter on [...]

11 11, 2020

Blooms + Booze: Duo Focuses on Celebrations, Connections, and Creativity

2020-11-11T09:12:51-05:00November 11th, 2020|Categories: Business, Featured|Comments Off on Blooms + Booze: Duo Focuses on Celebrations, Connections, and Creativity

By Ginger DeShaney It was a match made in party heaven. Colleen Dunleavy knows flowers. Crystal Mills knows cocktails. They met six years ago doing a photo shoot and immediately hit it off professionally and creatively. “Colleen and I are such a great match,” Crystal said. “We had a friendship from Day 1, and it's been amazing for us to know each other's strengths and build our business as business partners.” Today, their business, “Love Child,” combines blooms and booze and is making a name in South Boston. “Flowers and cocktails go hand in hand,” said Colleen, who also owns Dunlovely Floral Design while Crystal also owns WanderLush, a craft cocktail business. “Flowers and cocktails make people feel better and put smiles on their faces.” [...]

10 11, 2020

Growing business: Micro Plant Studio also offers experiences, sense of community

2020-11-10T08:32:23-05:00November 10th, 2020|Categories: Business, Featured|Comments Off on Growing business: Micro Plant Studio also offers experiences, sense of community

By Ginger DeShaney It was a few minutes before closing time when the phone rang. It was someone looking to buy a gift for a special friend. “Yes, come in. I’ll be here,” Julio Cesar Roman told the caller. A little before 7 p.m. on a Wednesday, Eben van der Walt walked into Micro Plant Studio. He asked Julio for plant advice. He pulled out his phone and showed Julio a photo of the gift recipient’s living room, which was full of plants. Julio knew each plant in the photo, and, noticing what she didn’t have, suggested Eben get her either a small Calathea Pinstripe or a larger monstera plant to add to her collection. Julio asked Eben questions, told him about each plant, explained [...]

9 11, 2020

City Kids get a kick out of soccer!

2020-11-09T08:15:11-05:00November 9th, 2020|Categories: Featured, Happenings|Comments Off on City Kids get a kick out of soccer!

When youth soccer leagues were shut down due to Covid-19, parent Mark Slater stepped up to do something about it. With guidance from the city and state, he organized City Kids, a youth soccer league that boasts 300 kids from South Boston. “I threw it together in two weeks,” Mark said. The parent-run league plays for six Saturdays at Evans Field, with the last games being Saturday, Nov. 14. Covid-19 guidelines are followed and kids wear masks while playing. Everyone checks in each week so contract tracing can be done, if necessary. However, there have been no incidents, Mark said. “The kids are loving it,” he said. “It’s a way for them to get outside.” Mark is hoping to formalize the program going forward. (PHOTOS [...]

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