12 04, 2021

Next Stop: Dartmouth

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Southie Sports Paved the Way for Adam Alto By Ginger DeShaney The wisdom Adam Alto gained from growing up in Southie will serve him well as he heads to the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College this fall.  “I’ll definitely continue the work ethic that I’ve learned from Southie,” said Adam, who is a senior at Belmont Hill School. “There’s a lot of lessons that I’ve learned here -- not just through school but through sports, through being with my friends -- that I’ll bring there.” The son of Carrie and Peter Alto plans to make some close friends at Dartmouth. “It really helped me in Southie,” Adam said. “I’ve known the kids I play hockey with and the kids I’m really close friends with since before [...]

11 04, 2021

Sprucing Up Broadway

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Donna Brown and Noah White donned their gloves, grabbed their brooms and trash bags, loaded up the wagon, and hit West Broadway earlier this month.  Donna, the executive director of the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, and Noah, an intern there, were doing their part to help Southie shine by participating in the South Boston Spring Spruce-Up.  As Donna wrote in her SBNDC invitation to local businesses, nonprofits, and residents, “It's been a long winter, and South Boston's sidewalks could use a little TLC, especially along Broadway! If we all spend just 15-30 minutes picking up litter and giving the sidewalks a sweep, we'll head into [spring] looking and feeling fresher.” Donna said her organization tries to do something before Love Your Block (formerly Boston [...]

8 04, 2021

Men of ‘Leisure’

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By Ginger DeShaney Men of Southie, get ready to shop! Power couple Christine Crevier and Chris Yang, managing partners and co-founders of Luxe Leisure, knew there was a real need for a men’s clothing shop in the neighborhood. In chatting with customers and neighbors, it was apparent something was missing. So they opened a men’s boutique connected to their women’s shop at 553 E. Broadway. “A lot of men didn’t have the option to shop [in Southie],” said Chris. “There were no local boutiques. People are super excited to see we are offering a more rounded assortment for families.” “Women are super excited, too,” Christine added. “We are filling a void.” The men’s shop had a soft opening on Saturday, April 3, with the grand [...]

28 03, 2021

Coming of Age: Ollie Program Helps Transform Boyz II Men

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By Ginger DeShaney Cam Murphy Jared Frith, 15, really enjoys being a member of Boyz II Men at the South Boston Neighborhood House. “It doesn’t feel like any other program,” he said. “Cam is super chill, but not too chill. It’s almost like being at home but way more fun.” Cam Murphy is the Boyz II Men coordinator. “I definitely want this program to be a place where they learn independence,” he said. “I try to not be overbearing or overcontrolling. I want them to have these experiences where they can learn. “I want them to have that ability to grow. When they move on from this program, they'll be going off on their own a little bit.” Boyz II Men is a [...]

25 03, 2021

Bulletin Board Material: Condon CC Girls Honor Inspiring Women Who Give Back

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By Ginger DeShaney For Women’s History Month, the Condon Community Center Girls Group honored inspiring local women for their contributions. The girls created a bulletin board “celebrating women who embrace our community.” “It’s people within the community,” said Girls Group member and Condon CC school year staffer Keara Wilbanks, a student at Boston Latin School. “When you hear Women’s History Month, you think of celebrities. But these are not celebrities. They are more relatable.” They are the faces we see in the community, women who live here, women who give back.  “They are not celebrities,” agreed Barbara Caputo Kelly, Program Supervisor, BCYF Condon Community Center, “but they are celebrities to us.” Debra Flaherty, Condon CC staff assistant, said it was important for the girls to [...]

18 03, 2021

Sweet Music: Concert Showcases Talent of Boys & Girls Club Members 

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By Ginger DeShaney Do you ever wonder what it’s like falling under? Do you ever dream to succeed but you don’t? It don’t matter. ’cause the weight of the world is on your shoulders but nothing can bring you down. Is it wrong, is it right, but it don’t matter; what matters is right now. These are the opening lyrics of the original song “What Matters,” written by preteens Tiara H, Ella M, and Salamata B, members of the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club’s music program.  What matters, what matters is that we've got each other … When the world feels heavy and you feel lost, make sure one thing is clear: Don’t you worry about tomorrow; today you’re here. Tiara performed [...]

17 03, 2021

Going Green: Southie Woman Recycles Christmas tree, Creates St. Patrick’s Day Tree

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By Ginger DeShaney Andrea Antonucci has started a new tradition, transforming her Christmas tree into a St. Patrick’s Day tree. She got the idea from a post by Jenn Nauyokas LaMountain on the Southie Community Bulletin Board.  “Around that time, I was going to take down my tree but I didn’t want to,” Andrea said. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was home all the time and wanted to keep the tree up so she could continue to enjoy it.  “I knew I could use some of my Christmas ornaments,” she said. She repurposed green, gold, and white Christmas ornaments. She also had Ireland ornaments that she had bought for her mom but got back when her mom died.  Andrea bought Irish ornaments from Southie’s [...]

13 03, 2021

Having a Ball: Fun is Right Up Their Alley at Southie Bowl

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By Ginger DeShaney John Tunney The atmosphere was electric. The smiles were huge; the laughs were hearty; and friends were thrilled to be together -- safely, of course.  “It’s a great place. People are engaging,” owner John Tunney said about Southie Bowl. ”No one is on their phones. Everyone who is here wants to have fun. You can’t have a bad time here.”  Southie Bowl “is the soul of what we all love about South Boston,” John said. “I hope to bring the community back together after this traumatic event and collectively move forward.” When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Southie Bowl shut down until September. But when gyms and recreation facilities had to cut back in December, the lanes shut down again, [...]

6 03, 2021

Cookie Drive-Thru

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By Ginger DeShaney A steady stream of cookie lovers came through Girl Scout Troop 70040’s Drive-Thru Contactless Cookie Booth Saturday (March 6) in the Gate of Heaven parking lot.  Troop Leader Courtney Scott called the event a great success and noted there will be another Drive-Thru next week (site to be determined) and one at the end of the month. “This was our first time doing this,” Courtney said. “The Girls Scouts suggested it because we can’t sell at storefronts. “It’s drive-thru, contactless, and socially distanced.” The girl scouts on hand -- Emily Burton, Phoebe Scott, Josephine Lydon, Amara Ings, and Mia Dimaggio -- all had a great time. Customers drove up -- or walked up -- to one end of the parking lot to [...]

3 03, 2021

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REMINDER SB Citizens’ Association’s Evacuation Day Essay and Poster Competitions  Due by Friday, March 12th, 2021 All entries should bear, in an attached envelope, the contestant’s name, school and a means of contacting the entrant and mailed to South Boston Citizens’ Association, P.O. Box 74, South Boston, MA 02127, or can be picked up at schools by a representative of the Citizens’ Association. Entries can also be dropped off at 170 M Street. Poster competition Grades 3-5  Subject matter has been specifically chosen as follows.The poster competition is open to all students that attend schools in South Boston.  This year’s theme is the significance of Colonel Henry Knox and the Noble Train of Artillery.  Poster should be original compositions, in any medium at least 8 [...]

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