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13 06, 2024

Honoring a Hero: Students Receive Scholarships in Memory of Timothy “Doc” Cook

2024-06-13T12:07:03-04:00June 13th, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|0 Comments

Timothy “Doc” Cook was a man for others, saving countless lives as a Navy Corpsman in the Iraq war. The 13 exceptional students honored with scholarships this year in Tim’s memory are boys and girls for others as they work to bring awareness and help to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Tim lost his battle with PTSD in March 2013 due to his combat experiences; he was 28 years old. Since then, his dad, Joseph Cook, family, friends, businesses, and neighbors have raised money in his memory for scholarships. “The Timothy (Doc) Cook Foundation will continue to have spirit, hope, and strength to make a difference for others,” Joseph said. “As always, we will remain being grateful one day at a time.”  [...]

12 06, 2024

South Boston Graduate 2024: Liana Flood

2024-06-12T08:15:19-04:00June 12th, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured|0 Comments

By Carol Masshardt (The series will feature 2024 high school graduates from South Boston) South Boston’s Liana Flood can make it look easy. A 2024 graduate of the Dexter-Southfield School in Brookline, she excelled in track and is an editor of the school newspaper and has been a peer tutor. She with graduate with the academic honor of cum laude on June 1. “I went to the Condon K-3 and SB Catholic 3-5 and knew when I made a choice that I wanted a small, closely knit school community where I could connect on a personal level,” she said. “The athletics and academics are collaborative at Dexter Southfield, and the teachers are willing to work with you,” she said.   If high school success could [...]

3 06, 2024

South Boston Graduate 2024: Caleigh Houlihan

2024-06-03T09:10:01-04:00June 3rd, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate 2024: Caleigh Houlihan

By Carol Masshardt (The series will feature 2024 high school graduates from South Boston) Many high school seniors are understandably unsure about their future goals, but eighteen-year-old Caleigh Houlihan isn’t one of them. If ever there was a born teacher in the making it is this South Boston native and 2024 Boston Latin Academy  graduate. Soon to attend Bridgewater State University as an Elementary Education/Special Education major, Caleigh hasn’t missed an opportunity to prepare. Perhaps it began at home with two younger sisters, or through the years at Miss Linda’s Dance Program, and/or in tutoring and babysitting, and surely because of teachers she has had. “I have been thinking about being a teacher and talking about it forever,” she said. “And Bridgewater was my choice [...]

31 05, 2024

Thanks for the Memories

2024-06-01T10:08:57-04:00May 31st, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on Thanks for the Memories

By Judith Silva Nee We teachers are an odd breed, especially early childhood teachers like myself.  We often drive to work in a costume. If we’re on the phone at all, it’s emergency related and over a loud classroom din (‘Hello Dr. Welby...PUT THAT BLOCK DOWN!). We form friendships with other adults through snippets of conversations or a knowing nod between bells. Our lunchtime options are limited.  I happily eat mine in the car, rain or shine. It’s quiet there.  Our work conditions often resemble the great outdoors. It can get so hot that I once got asked at dismissal if I’d gone swimming;  my clothes clung to my body from sweat.  I sometimes walk directly from the schoolyard to the beach for a quick [...]

24 05, 2024

South Boston Graduate, 2024: Thomas Flaherty

2024-05-24T09:20:40-04:00May 24th, 2024|Categories: Education|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate, 2024: Thomas Flaherty

By Carol Masshardt (The series will feature 2024 high school graduates from South Boston) Thomas, “Tommy” Flaherty, 18, will soon be graduating from Archbishop Williams High School. He has lived in South Boston all of his life, and it seems he knows every street and blade of grass in the community he loves. In the fall, he plans to follow in the footsteps of his older sister, Casey, and join the Coast Guard. “I knew I wanted to do something different and didn’t want to go to college. My sister really liked the Coast Guard and is an Aviation Electronics Technician (helicopter mechanic) and that’s exactly what I think I want to do. I made the decision last summer, and have support to go this [...]

15 05, 2024

‘Our Biggest Fight’: McCourt visits South Boston to Get Technology Conversation Started

2024-05-15T10:26:55-04:00May 15th, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|Comments Off on ‘Our Biggest Fight’: McCourt visits South Boston to Get Technology Conversation Started

By Ginger DeShaney The Internet as we know it is broken, according to the book “Our Biggest Fight.” Renowned author, advocate, and Project Liberty founder Frank H. McCourt’s latest book delves into the alarming consequences of technology on today's youth, shedding light on its role in exacerbating mental health challenges, fostering a sense of isolation, and leading to teen suicide. As a longtime ally and former board president of the South Boston Neighborhood House (SBNH), McCourt visited South Boston to bring his message to the neighborhood, spark meaningful dialogue, and drive collective action. By hearing directly from parents and community members, he hopes to glean valuable perspectives that can inform effective strategies for addressing technology's adverse effects on youth mental health. SBNH Executive Director Kathy [...]

14 05, 2024

Living the Dream Mission Alive

2024-05-14T06:38:12-04:00May 14th, 2024|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on Living the Dream Mission Alive

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston’s 11th Annual Dinner Honors the Brett Family. By John Joseph Fahey The venue was the Seaport Hotel in Boston on April 23rd and the occasion was the Living the Dream Mission Alive annual dinner hosted by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.  The gathering was definitely celebratory, as Mission Alive raised over $800,000; The theme of Mission Alive as Sister Mary L. Murphy, CSJ, President of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston indicated at the well-attended dinner is a continuation of the goals which the original congregation of Sisters had when first arriving in Boston over 150 years ago. Although their first ministry was in education (and impacting countless students) ensuing ministries and community outreach followed. [...]

13 05, 2024

South Boston Graduate: Stephen Flynn

2024-05-13T08:44:41-04:00May 13th, 2024|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate: Stephen Flynn

Stephen Flynn, 18, will graduate from the Boston Latin School this year. He has many reasons to be proud, including successful completion of a demanding academic program, playing for the varsity baseball team, and involvement in the Christian Athletic Club, Peer Mentoring, and Student Leadership group. In addition, and perhaps foremost, is his appreciation for people and their experiences. “I liked Latin School and I learned how to be better disciplined academically and it made me more resilient. But what I loved was meeting people I may not have met and from all over the city. The school gave a sense of belonging. Baseball has been one of the most enjoyable things of my life, but it isn’t about winning, but about the team. It [...]

28 04, 2024

A Run for the Tierney Center

2024-04-28T08:50:44-04:00April 28th, 2024|Categories: Featured, Lifestyle|Comments Off on A Run for the Tierney Center

One day after thousands of runners trekked 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to the Back Bay finish line, The Anne M. Lynch Homes at Old Colony hosted a shorter fun run involving runners who work for Beacon Communities, team members from the Tierney Learning Center (TLC), and kids from the community center to show support for the Run for Tierney Boston Marathon team. The marathon team, consisting of Beacon team members, TLC staff, and TLC partners, will donate 100% of the money they raise to programs and services at the TLC that promote education, empowerment and self-sufficiency for families living at Old Colony. “The inspiration for this fun run stems from a team of dedicated runners participating in the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Tierney [...]

26 04, 2024

Updates on SBTAP, Street Usage

2024-04-26T09:00:01-04:00April 26th, 2024|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on Updates on SBTAP, Street Usage

by Rick Winterson Two weeks ago, we covered a quickly-called meeting that was organized by District 2 City Councilor Ed Flynn at the Condon Community Center.  Flynn used his impromptu meeting to gather South Boston’s reactions to SBTAP (the “South Boston Transportation Action Plan”), which was being developed for South Boston by the BPDA/BTD.  The comments from those who attended Flynn’s meeting were almost uniformly negative.  Since then, we met with Councilor Flynn and his Chief of Staff Charlie Levin to further clarify the situation with SBTAP. In this meeting, Councilor Flynn once again stated his firm opposition to SBATP as proposed, which agrees with the opinions plainly expressed by residents of South Boston at Flynn’s previous in-person meeting.  He enlarged upon one of his [...]

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