By Rick Winterson Next Thursday, September 8, is State Primary Election Day – just one week away. As always, South Boston Online strongly encourages you to vote. It takes just a small amount of your time, and in our opinion, it’s not only your duty to vote, it’s actually your privilege. Please consider voting for South Boston’s own Stephen Lynch as your Representative in Congress. Steve has built up a very impressive record as a fair, hard-working, conscientious Congressman. On Tuesday, August 29, another Steve – Steve Murphy – visited South Boston. He’s a candidate for Register of Deeds, a civic function of great importance. Steve was hosted by Rep. Nick Collins, City Councilor Bill Linehan, and Councilor-at-Large Michael Flaherty in Bill “Touchie” McDonough’s Shamrock Pub at I and Eighth. About 50 friends of Steve showed up to demonstrate their support. South Boston Online encourages you to consider voting for Steve Murphy as Boston’s Register of Deeds. He’ll bring the right background and political experience to the job.

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