On a monthly basis, the South Boston Neighborhood House, aka the Ollie, recognizes their youngsters by announcing two “Student Spotlight” winners. These young members are spotlighted for their good behavior, being kind, caring and considerate, being good students, as well as just being super kids overall. Jonathan McCarthy is one of the Ollie spotlight winners for May.

Jonathan McCarthy, 9, is the son of Heather McCarthy. He has two sisters, Melissa and Hannah, and he loves his nephew Jayden. He has a kitten his sisters named Batman but he calls him Black Panther. Jonathan attends the Condon Elementary School which is located on D Street in South Boston. He’s in the third grade, his favorite subject is math, and someday wants to play in the National Basketball Association. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is chicken.

At home during his free time, and after his homework is completed, Jonathan loves playing on his tabloid, Xbox, and Wii. He enjoys watching TV. He loves watching “SpongeBob SquarePants” as well as the Boston Red Sox. He’s gone to four Red Sox games at Fenway Park and his favorite player is David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Our spotlight winner also likes to read and is currently reading “Percy Jackson”- a pentalogy of adventure and fiction books written by Rick Riordan.

Jonathan is busy on the playing fields. He has played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for the past three years, and in one game last fall, he scored three goals to lead his team to victory. He’s played baseball since his tee-ball days and last season was on the Dodgers in the local minor league. And, he played in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball program last winter and his team, coached by Greg Lally, won the midget house league championship.

“I like to play,” he said. “I get to shoot the ball and last season I scored 18 points. That felt good.”

At the Ollie, Jonathan loves piecing together puzzles and using the IPads. He likes the staff at the Ollie because they take him places and he has fun. This summer, he plans on going to the Ollie, going to the beach and swimming, and playing outside with family and friends. If he was the President of the United States, he would make sure people helped others find places to live if they were homeless.

Kristin DeVoy, the Ollie’s school age program director, enjoys seeing Jonathan walk through the door.

“Jonathan has been here since I started working here almost four years ago,” she said. “He has grown a lot during the past few years. He’s very kind, polite, and sweet.

“A couple of weeks ago one of his classmates passed away,” she added. “He came into the Ollie and asked if the kids could make cards for the family. The kids did and Jonathan brought the cards into school and gave them to his teacher to give to the family. That was very nice. It was heartwarming. I’m proud of him…he’s really a good kid with a big, caring heart.”