On a monthly basis, the South Boston Neighborhood House, aka the Ollie, recognizes their youngsters by announcing two “Student Spotlight” winners. These young members are spotlighted for their good behavior, being kind, caring and considerate, being good students, as well as just being super kids overall. Roger Spring is one of the Ollie spotlight winners for May.

Roger Spring, 11, is the son of Diana Jerzylo. He has two cats named Fuzzball and Oddball, and a snake named Craig. He’s in the fifth grade at the Condon Elementary School, his favorite subject is math, and someday he plans on being an architectural engineer. His favorite color is purple, he loves fried chicken and his favorite place in the world is Hawaii. And finally, his favorite pro athlete is former Patriots defensive standout, Tedy Lacap Bruschi.

In the world of sports, Roger has played in the Boston Youth Lacrosse Association for the last three seasons. He plays his home games at Moakley Park and is on the Under 13 team. He also started taking boxing lessons two months ago at the Dorchester Boxing Club on Parkman Street. He attends classes during the week and on weekends.

“I like lacrosse because I get to run and exercise,” he said. “And I really like boxing because it helps me relieve stress after a hard day. I have a long way to go but love going there.”

At home, after he finishes his homework, Roger watches TV. His favorite TV show is “The Walking Dead.” He also likes to read and just finished reading “The Phantom Tollbooth” a children’s fantasy adventure novel written by Norton Juster with illustrations by Jules Feiffer. At the Ollie, he loves going to STEM (science/technology/engineering/mathematics) Club on Tuesdays and hanging out with his friends. He feels that the Ollie staff is “nice, kind, generous, and caring.”

If he was the President of the United States, he said that he would, “Make all things we need in life free and any extra add-ons people would have to pay extra. Everyone would have a car and a house. Solve world hunger. Use tax money to cure Cancer and send a message to all people that they should be kind to each other.”

Kristin Devoy, the Ollie’s school age program director, has known Roger since she started working there.

“He’s very caring and attentive to the younger members,” she said. “He’s really a sweet kid. I have a nice relationship with him. If he’s having a bad day he knows he can come to me and talk about it. We are very close in that sense.”