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28 07, 2023

Smooth Sailing

2023-07-28T11:49:46-04:00July 28th, 2023|Categories: Education, Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|Comments Off on Smooth Sailing

Harry McDonough Sailing Center’s Free Program Unlocks Ocean's Magic for Local Youth By Ginger DeShaney It may just be the most unique summer experience for youths in South Boston. Or anywhere else, for that matter. The nonprofit Harry McDonough Sailing Center, in existence since 1972, spreads the love of sailing and the ocean by teaching youngsters how to sail. For free. The center’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with a fun, safe, and accessible environment while promoting positive life skills and values through sailing. There are sailing lessons in the morning and open sailing in the afternoon. There’s also swimming (in a designated area), paddleboarding, kayaking, friendship, and so much more. “It's an amazing activity to do in the summer,” said Wil Hingston, assistant [...]

27 07, 2023

Dirty Italian Owner Living the Dream

2023-07-27T15:02:44-04:00July 27th, 2023|Categories: Business, Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|Comments Off on Dirty Italian Owner Living the Dream

By Ginger DeShaney The line to get into the Dirty Italian on opening day Saturday, July 22, was out the door and down the sidewalk on Old Colony Avenue.   “Everything is going great,” said owner Talya Pessolano, who estimated they made 300 sandwiches on Saturday alone. “This last weekend was crazy. Crazy good. “I'm beyond thankful for the crew that showed up to not only work the opening weekend but to everyone who waited in line patiently to come into the store and try one of our sandwiches and really be there for the grand opening day,” added Talya. “And I really can't wait to have them come back again and try something new. “I'm always so appreciative of the support that comes from our [...]

21 07, 2023

Rhythm is Gonna Get You

2023-07-21T10:02:34-04:00July 21st, 2023|Categories: Business, Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|Comments Off on Rhythm is Gonna Get You

New Latin Studio Proves Dance is for Everyone  By Ginger DeShaney Dance is for everyone.  “Some people think they're too old or they don’t exercise enough or you need to be in tip-top shape to do it,” said Liliana (Lili) Jimenez. “I’m just trying to break those myths about dance. That's what we're about. I really just love trying to show everybody that anyone can dance if you just try it.” Lili owns Lili Latin Dance, which opened in May above the CVS on West Broadway in South Boston. She offers classes and private lessons for all ages in salsa and bachata. There is a partner tricks class for advanced dancers and wedding choreography classes for engaged couples. She has four other instructors who teach [...]

30 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Mae Lafferty

2023-06-30T09:34:52-04:00June 30th, 2023|Categories: Education|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate: Mae Lafferty

Determination, teamwork, and commitment have been, and will undoubtedly continue to be values of this Matignon High 2023 graduate. Heading to New England College in Henniker, NH, Mae, 18, will be leaving her lifelong home in South Boston as she optimistically launches the next stage. “I expect to be homesick, 100 percent,” she said, “It’s a bit scary, especially being in another state, but the independence will be fun, and It’s a place I can continue with sports, and being on my own will be good.” In addition to earning the highest average in her history class, Mae plays hockey and lacrosse and received an award for excellence in the two sports. She plans to major in Sports Management and possibly minor in Athletic Training/Kinesiology. [...]

26 06, 2023

Hotel California – BINGO! Game Days at Pappas Way Bring the Fun and Music

2023-06-26T17:26:41-04:00June 26th, 2023|Categories: Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle|Comments Off on Hotel California – BINGO! Game Days at Pappas Way Bring the Fun and Music

Bridget O’Halloran and her son, Torin, had a blast at the musical bingo event at Pappas Way recently.  Bridget and Torin stopped to talk while playing a rousing game of ring toss near the Recreation Station before the bingo started.  “This is pretty awesome,” Bridget said. “It’s good for families; there are fun games, good music. We can’t wait for bingo.” Travel through the Decades Musical Bingo on June 15 was the second in a series of three Game Days at Pappas Way. This free series was a huge hit. The first one, Family Pop and Disney Hits Musical Bingo, on June 8, sold out right away. So more tickets were added to the June 15 event. The third Game Day, Family Pop and Taylor [...]

26 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Quantae Blakey

2023-06-26T11:57:00-04:00June 26th, 2023|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate: Quantae Blakey

Eighteen-year-old Excel High School graduate Quantae Blakey loved English and Science, but beyond academics learned how to persist with dignity in less-than-ideal circumstances. He moved to South Boston from Lynn to live with his father three years ago and has had more adjustments than many adults know in a lifetime. He quickly named at least seven places he lived, including family shelters and with relatives. “Graduation is something I wanted to do for my dad, Derick Blakey,” he said. He also knows it may help his future. “I love to cook, so I hope something like that can work out. Not so much customer service, but the culinary arts part is one of my goals.” “I’ve been isolated most of my life,” said Quantae. “I [...]

21 06, 2023

Andrew Station Deteriorating

2023-06-21T05:59:29-04:00June 21st, 2023|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on Andrew Station Deteriorating

For many years, Andrew Station has been deteriorating.  It is a very busy station anyhow, with the Red Line and many bus lines going through it.  In addition, lack of care, clean-up, and preventive maintenance have severely damaged it – the Station is nearing a point of no return.  At certain points and at some times, the Station is a hazard. Yesterday, Lydia Polaski of ASCA (the Andrew Square Civic Association) led a tour she organized to show how critical the condition of Andrew Station has become.  It has gone from unsightly to outright dangerous in certain areas.  Accompanying Lydia were Pattie McCormick and Linda Zablocki from ASCA, police officials from the Transit Police and BPD Station C-6, State Rep. David Biele, Lisa from Councilor [...]

20 06, 2023

South Boston Graduate: Shaun Noonan

2023-06-20T07:52:33-04:00June 20th, 2023|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on South Boston Graduate: Shaun Noonan

It takes a special kind of person to go back to earn a high school degree several years after attending school, and twenty-five-year-old Shaun Noonan is one. He earned his high school equivalency degree (G.E.D) on April 28, 2023! The only child of Maryann Noonan, Shaun has lived in South Boston all of his life, and it is in this community where he achieved his goals and looks toward a promising future. “I went to the Neighborhood House since I was a kid, and then started working there at 15, and that’s where I work now,” he said. “They are the reason I got the degree. They said, you need to do this, and I did. Kathy Lafferty called Julie’s Family Learning and that was [...]

15 06, 2023

All Signs Point to South Boston

2023-06-15T16:17:39-04:00June 15th, 2023|Categories: Featured, Happenings, Lifestyle, News|Comments Off on All Signs Point to South Boston

West Broadway Neighborhood Association Beautifies City with Banners We all know that South Boston is a great place to live, work, dine, and play. Now, thanks to the efforts of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA), anyone who passes through knows it, too. An installation of 95 beautiful banners now adorn 65 city light poles throughout the West Broadway neighborhood, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. The banners showcase six stylized architectural graphic designs, featuring selected local landmarks, with the message, "Welcome to South Boston -- A great place to live, work, dine, and play."  This ambitious initiative aligns with two of the WBNA’s core missions: building a connected, inclusive, and engaged community, and continuous beautification. By actively engaging in [...]

12 06, 2023

Molly Walsh: South Boston Graduate

2023-06-12T08:24:07-04:00June 12th, 2023|Categories: Education, Featured|Comments Off on Molly Walsh: South Boston Graduate

Graduating in the final class of Matignon High School, Molly Walsh, lifelong South Boston resident, is filled with gratitude despite the closure of a school she loved. She is headed to the University of New Hampshire with sensitivity and thoughtful goals. “I went to Boston Latin Academy from grades 7-9 after Boston Catholic Academy but transferred to Matignon to play hockey. It became like a family. The teachers took the time to know you at a deeper level and that pushed me to want to do better,” she said. “I made so many friends and got to know and was supported by coaches too,” she said. Molly played hockey and lacrosse at Matignon. The challenges of this graduating class are well documented, and Molly, a [...]

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