by Rick Winterson

Like a lot of people, some of us take our structures for granted. And that’s understandable, since many of the things we build, especially those built with bricks and mortar, last longer than almost everyone’s lifetime. A good example of this is the Bandstand in Marine Park – an initial search for the background of the Bandstand turned up records going back to 1935 – 83 years ago. The search still continues, further into the past.

And like any structure, time takes its toll, even if it’s only slowly. There are visible cracks in the mortar between the Bandstand’s bricks, from top to bottom. And most pf the surfaces exposed to the weather need renewing, followed by a good coat of exterior paint. Work is progressing with an important aim – the renewed Bandstand will soon be dedicated to and named for Harry Uhlman. Harry, as you know, is one of South Boston’s “saints”.

You should know about the crew who are doing the renewal work on the Bandstand. They very much deserve our thanks. The two craftsmen on the job are pictured – Roy Reis and Kyle Pinheir. They have done a superb job of repair, repointing, and renovation. They work for NER Construction Management, Inc. The initials “NER” stand for New England Restoration.

Frank LoConte is the owner of NER, which has specialized for 35 years in masonry restoration and waterproofing. To see some eye-catching and dramatic photos of NER’s successful projects, Google them up on the Internet. Also associated with the renewal of the Marine Park Bandstand are Superintendent Tony Pereira and Project Manager Chris Saccone.

South Boston Online has gone to some length here to thank NER and its skilled employees, because they have been extremely busy. Even so, they made time to do the much-needed work on South Boston’s Marine Park Bandstand, which will be dedicated to Harry Uhlman in a month or two. For NER to set aside time to help us out was very difficult. But NER did it.

So once again, thank you, NER. Very much!