by Richard Campbell

The six city tour known as the Battle of the Badges of Police and Fire Hockey Clubs of Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and Montreal started this past Friday the 2nd, in Dorchester and South Boston, and continued through the weekend. SBO was there to cover teams at Murphy Rink Saturday at noon for the mixed rounds of Police and Fire teams. Sponsored in part by the Boston Bruins, the Boston Police Hockey Club and the Boston Fire Hockey Club, the event involved a lot of travel and logistics. It was running on a tight schedule, as twelve first responder teams duked it out big time. Mayor Walsh and Rob Sweeney, Executive Director of the Bruins Foundation, were on hand with coaches and players to commemorate the South Boston leg of the event. The battle continued well past four o’clock, with the final championship games played at Warrior Arena in Brighton on Sunday, with Toronto taking the Championship.  See Scores below…

Boston Fire- 2 Toronto Fire- 2
FDNY-14 Detroit Fire- 2
Boston Fire- 0 Montreal Fire- 4
Toronto Fire- 10 Detroit Fire- 2
FDNY- 2 Montreal Fire- 3

Saturday 2/3

Chicago PD- 6 Detroit PD- 2
Boston Fire- 4 Detroit Fire- 2
Montreal Fire- 5 Mass State Police- 3
FDNY- 2 Toronto Fire- 3
Boston Police- 1 Toronto PD- 3

And the championship game was…

Toronto PD- 3
Montreal Fire-1