Bridget O’Halloran and her son, Torin, had a blast at the musical bingo event at Pappas Way recently. 

Bridget and Torin stopped to talk while playing a rousing game of ring toss near the Recreation Station before the bingo started. 

“This is pretty awesome,” Bridget said. “It’s good for families; there are fun games, good music. We can’t wait for bingo.”

Travel through the Decades Musical Bingo on June 15 was the second in a series of three Game Days at Pappas Way. This free series was a huge hit.

The first one, Family Pop and Disney Hits Musical Bingo, on June 8, sold out right away. So more tickets were added to the June 15 event. The third Game Day, Family Pop and Taylor Swift Hits Musical Bingo, was June 22.

Erika McAuliffe and Rebecca Griffing, co-founders of EMRG Events, organized the Game Days for Oxford Properties and Pappas Enterprises. Erika and Rebecca have seen musical bingo before and knew it was fun and family-friendly.

The bingo players got cards with song names on them. The DJ played a clip of each song and if the player’s card had the song, it got crossed off. Since the songs were from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and today, the kids needed adult help for the song names. 

Everyone had a great time, marking off songs and dancing to the beats. 

In addition to the three Game Days, EMRG is scheduling more events for the fall, such as movie nights, a wellness weekend, a dog Halloween festival, and more. “We’ll be activating the space more,” Rebecca said. 

These events help bring the community together, the duo said, noting the area around the Recreation Station is a beautiful place for the community to hang out.

The Game Day activities featured not only bingo, but also food trucks, a variety of kids games, activities from the Rec Station – the binoculars were quite popular – and trees to climb.

Emerald Davis and her family checked out the Travel through the Decades Bingo. “It’s really nice,” she said. “This is so great.”

Emerald has come by the Rec Station but has never opened it up. This event has changed that. 

“It’s nice because I feel like this part of Southie I never spend any time in and I don’t really think of it as Southie.”

As Pappas Way is becoming more connected to the Seaport, “it will feel like one neighborhood,” Emerald said.