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All About Community

By Carol Masshardt Edward “Teddy” Cunniff has been involved with the Murphy Rink for forty-three years, and he is a man at home with both the past, and the opportunities of 2023. On a recent day, there were hundreds of young children and families, some with equal interest in snacks and skates, as Teddy held his position in the well-known [...]

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Have a Juicy Day: Bamboo Beach Brings Tropical Vibe to the Neighborhood

By Ginger DeShaney A visit to Tenerife in 2019 sparked a dream that Nicole Jankowski and Anxhelo Taho have now brought to life in South Boston.  “We had the best time and we were only there for three days, but it was so much fun,” Nicole said. On the last day, they found a juice cafe right on the water. [...]

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South Boston Real Estate Recap: Interest Rates Cause Transaction Numbers to Plummet

 By Ginger DeShaney  Interest rates are wreaking havoc on the real estate market. In South Boston, real estate transactions in 2022 were down 34 percent from 2021, but at the same time, median prices have increased, said a longtime South Boston realtor. In 2021, there were 933 transactions; in 2022, that number was down to 615, of which 467 were [...]

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Local Artist’s Cards, Custom Pieces Inspire Big Feelings

By Ginger DeShaney Becca McGovern makes little things that inspire big feelings. Maker / Scholar, her South Boston small business, is guided by this mission. And so is Becca. “My family has a special tradition of making even the everyday ordinary things a holiday, and I've tried to bring that mentality into my small business,” said Becca McGovern, the artist [...]

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Teaching Beyond the Classroom: A Profile

By Carol Masshardt Teaching, leading, learning, language, culture and community are interwoven and inseparable concepts in the life and work of Veronica Robson, Program Director of Adult Education at the Laboure Center. Originally from Mexico, and then educated in Boston, and back to Mexico to start a small school, onto London she eventually returned to Boston College for a master’s [...]

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It Takes a Community to Make a City

By Carol Masshardt It may seem that it takes a stop sign, neon stripes on a jacket, and getting to a designated street corner on time to be a successful crossing guard, but that would be incomplete. It takes a love of children and a city, an engaging confidence, and an ability to think on one’s feet, and Bob Juliano [...]

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