by Richard Campbell

Founded in 2014 by Harvard, MIT, MGH, and The Boston Globe, the annual Hub Week now sporting many new sponsors, materialized on City Hall Plaza Monday October the 8th this past week. The showcase runs through the 14th and is comprised of over 200 events. This year’s theme is “We the Future”, which seems as much about cultural innovations as future crisis points mitigated  by technologies. Hub Week brings smart people from around the world to showcase innovations in technology, medicine, education, humanities and the arts. 

While there are really only three full days of forums-Wednesday through Friday- the week includes satellite experiences all around the Boston area. Home base on City Hall Plaza is where select environments, staged experiences and amenities create a small village. With attendees from 46 states, 59 countries, and 38 industries charted around the city, you will find planning critical.  Trust me: this is not your grandfather’s science fair.


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