Perhaps not as contentious as the national elections, but more important to the living standards of the local citizens, the city wide elections for mayor and councilors spawn debates about the city future, glossy mailers, and candidate visits in the hope of bringing up the turnout across town. As we head into the city wide election on November 4th, South Boston Online offers a snap shot of the candidates we are supporting.


Mayor Martin Walsh: Boston City Mayor.

First on the agenda would be the incumbent Mayor Martin Walsh, who South Boston Online endorses, despite a few missteps with the Indy Road race and Olympics bids; the mayor has proved himself true to his Dorchester roots, and has visited South Boston on many occasions to bring forth community improvements and initiatives.  He has lessened the partisan divides between neighborhoods through open dialogue, and we are looking forward to him shifting gears towards more detailed plans for newly designed innovative schools, truly affordable rental housing, and leadership on transportation infrastructure.


Ed Flynn: City Councilor District 2

South Boston native son Ed Flynn may not have the gift of gab of his father, former Mayor Ray Flynn, but he’s a quick study who showed a focused interest in all of the districts of the city. This is a candidate who will be particularly strong in family initiatives and education. His practical proposals have garnered him unanimous trade union support. As a veteran and experienced businessman, he has the requisite skills needed to keep City Council grounded in reality based plans. We know he will be putting Southie on the map in the chambers of City Hall, representing us with common sense and humility.


Michelle Wu: City Councilor at Large

Michelle Wu continues to be a force in Boston with her fresh approach to the issues, her depth in education, tempered by life experience and community service. She reveals a diligence and tenacity in representing the true needs of her constituents, and is completely fearless in tackling tougher issues-not by merely proposing solutions, but seeing them through to completion with complex community partnerships. A strong advocate for the less fortunate in our city, her exemplary compassion has shaped the better ethos of Boston.


Michael Flaherty: City Councilor at Large

Michael Flaherty also brings plenty of experience as an Assistant District Attorney and at large City Councilor, and well deserved ample support of unions, veterans, and community groups. His preliminary work in education (SAT prep) and technology for schools, could be emboldened and greatly expanded- to bring about a badly needed architectural transformation in the Boston city schools. On preventing crime and tackling drug addiction, Flaherty has a solid track record of making our city more secure. He proves all politics is local with his continued support of South Boston community groups, and Boston youth with summer job experiences. Flaherty has the knowledge to continually be an active liaison between city hall and first responders in securing safety in our neighborhoods.


Annissa Essaibi George: City Councilor at Large

Perhaps the least experienced in this race, Ms. Essaibi George is an incumbent who has made her mark in the short time she’s been in office. She possesses the ability to reach across community lines for important mandates in elderly services, health care, and education.  Her understanding of technical education could be put in practice to increase vocational opportunities for students by connecting public schools with local higher education technical institutes. South Boston Online sees a candidate with a sensitivity to income inequality, and the ability to make communities more livable for families.