10 04, 2019

Colin’s Joy Shines Bright at Neighborhood Night

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By: Tara Kerrigan Hayes (Photo by Julie Ryan Photography) A special fundraising event was held on Tuesday, April 2, at Capo Restaurant’s Supper Club on West Broadway. Fittingly called Neighborhood Night at Capo, neighbors and loved ones showed up by the hundreds in a remarkable turnout to support Colin’s Joy Project, and to pay tribute to an inspiring family aiming to transform their grief into a legacy of joy and giving. After the tragic death of their son, Colin, (just shy of his third birthday), parents  Kerri and Brendan McGrath initiated Colin’s Joy Project, an organization dedicated to building and enhancing play spaces as well as sponsoring children and family programming in the community, particularly for families in need. Colin’s Joy Project has grown both [...]

9 04, 2019

Youth Ambassadors “Anti-Vaping Initiative” Workshops

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Earlier this year, the FDA launched “The Real Cost” Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign in an attempt to educate kids and teens about the dangers associated with e-cigarettes and vaping. The main message: e-cigarettes like JUUL put young people at risk for addiction and other health consequences- just like traditional cigarettes.  More than two million middle and high school students were current users of e-cigarettes in 2017 and additional research shows that the number nearly doubled in 2018. Based on those numbers, FDA now believes youth use of e-cigarettes, especially JUUL, is reaching epidemic proportions. In response to these alarming statistics, the South Boston Community Health Center’s Youth Ambassadors have created a “Youth Anti-Vaping” initiative to share facts about Juul with youth in the South Boston [...]

7 03, 2019

Hangover Heaven, IV Lounges and Drip Bars

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By Brianne Fitzgerald, Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner The idea of intravenous vitamin therapy became popular in 2012 with raves coming from Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna and Adele.  How is that the idea of being stuck with a needle in an unregulated walk-in clinic and run by for profit companies has been turned into a wellness must for those with disposable incomes?  These clinics boast everything from a cure for jetlag and hangovers, to healthier skin, improving your immune system and sex life.  Why are so many Americans seeking chemical answers for distress?  Is your life here in the richest country in the world becoming more stressful nd traumatic?  How is it that people from other countries are desperate to come to the US [...]

14 02, 2019

A Valentine’s Letter to the Lone Ladies

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By: Tara Kerrigan Hayes Another Valentine’s Day, another night of binge-watching Netflix with the only reliable dates left on the planet, Ben & Jerry. You tell yourself next year will be different, but just peek out the window at the Wild Wild West of today’s dating world and you’ll see the hope that’s escaped your body, running off down the road with your cookies-n-cream, dodging bullets. The dating apocalypse is upon us, ladies. And it’s hard to say who has it worse; the young women who will never experience what it’s like to actually be courted, or us divorcees who reminisce about the yester years as we watch chivalry writhing in the corner, gasping its last breath. While there are new age dating rules every [...]

1 02, 2019

Bfit and The 100 Club Supporting the Families of Fallen Heroes

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By Tara Kerrigan Hayes   This past Sunday, January 27th, the Boston Bruins Foundation hosted the 3rd Annual BFit First Responder Challenge, presented by National Grid at the TD Garden. Also known as the Climb to Support the Families of Fallen First Responders, the event does precisely that, by donating the proceeds raised to The Hundred Club of Mass, Inc., (the 100 Club), a charity that supports the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The 100 Club was organized in 1959, recognizing early on that when a family faces the devastation of losing a loved one in the line of duty, they are also often met with the harsh reality of losing the [...]

6 01, 2019

Boxing Day, 2018:  Brunch and Cocktails on the 26th

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by Rick Winterson     Boxing Day is an English tradition.   Its origin is not certain, but most of the historic references say that it is traditionally (but not always) held on December 26, the day after Christmas.  On December 26 in England, servants and employees who worked on Christmas Day were given the 26th off to visit their own families and friends.  They were also given gifts of food, money, or clothing just before they left for the day, which were usually put in boxes so as to be a surprise.  Hence the name “Boxing Day” (as far as anyone knows). Not to be outdone in celebrating Christmas traditionally, South Boston has observed Boxing Day in years  past – 2018 was no exception.  Michael [...]

31 12, 2018

Cold Hands, Warm Heart!

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South Boston Probation Officer Barbara Loftus and 5th graders at Joseph Tynan Elementary School have teamed up to spread holiday cheer and warmth to Boston’s homeless and senior citizens as part of Cold Hands, Warm Heart, a lesson in empathy.  Loftus and her Probation colleagues will go to the school, located at 650 E. 4th Street, to pick up the gift bags the students decorated and listen to several of the students read the personal messages they wrote which will be tucked into each bag and distributed to the homeless and elderly.   The bags will be filled with items collected by Probation including cold weather gear such as hats, gloves, and hand warmers as well as holiday goodies including cookies, candies, granola bars, tea and [...]

20 12, 2018

SLYK Shades – A Chronic Illness Survivor’s Transformation

2018-12-20T12:06:27-05:00December 20th, 2018|Categories: Featured, Lifestyle|Comments Off on SLYK Shades – A Chronic Illness Survivor’s Transformation

By: Tara Kerrigan Hayes   Your world can change in an instant. That’s what Josh Fitzmaurice of Sandwich, Massachusetts learned last year, when life as he knew it came crashing down with the flick of a doctor’s pen. As a young, successful accountant, Josh seemingly had it all, until he visited the doctor to investigate neck pain and was prescribed Meloxicam. That night Josh was rushed to the ER, (with what felt like a heart attack), where he was diagnosed with a nocturnal panic attack and was sent back to his PCP. That’s when he was handed a prescription for benzodiazepines. Like so many others, he trusted in his doctor and took the benzos (in this case, Ativan), which ultimately would come close to destroying [...]

2 12, 2018

2018 ABX Showcase Spectacular at the BCEC

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Connor McGuire, Steven Burke, Lisa Robbins Carrie Havey on Experts on Healthy Schools. By Richard Campbell This year’s ABX Conference showcased such depth in architecture, design, construction and innovation that the show’s program calling the event the “premier” forum in the field was no exaggeration. Running two full days at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this past Wednesday and Thursday, this is a traditional trade show with added educational workshops and special events that cover  a wide variety of topics. Informa Global and Boston Society of Architects who produce the convention have partnered with an array of institutions.  The show drew thousands from the industry and offered free high-end publications. Some publishers like Kathy Bush- Dalton of New England Home came to [...]

22 11, 2018

Antiquarian Book Fair: Local Vendors Lead the Way

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By Richard Campbell The 42nd Annual Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair ran November 16-18 at the Hynes Convention Center attracting booksellers from around the world, as well as some great vendors from New England. This is a free event that is sufficiently entertaining for book people, and a source for truly unique gifts. The limited edition, first edition priceless older books of all kinds, collections of maps, memorabilia and framed art bespoke of the vast great world of quality printing and design.  The first thing one notices about this fair is the decidedly older demographic of the event, with enthusiasts and vendors alike dressed professionally in clothes made of quality materials with the gentile expectation of doing business. Amidst the booths of precious leather-bound books, [...]

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