6 04, 2020


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Brianne Fitzgerald RN, NP So starts the Queen's speech to the citizens of Great Britain yesterday.  As we enter what is expected to be the most challenging phase of our collective Covid-19 experience, I beg all of us to follow both Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker's directives.  Specific to what Boston Mayor Walsh said on Sunday that there are real and manageable recommendations to follow. We do not live in a dictatorship.  We are expected to use common sense and follow the guidelines laid out by our leaders voluntarily.  These guidelines are more than reasonable and by following them you will do your part, perhaps save a life or flatten the curve.  In case you still need a few more deadening statistics to move you [...]

1 04, 2020


2020-04-02T09:16:54-04:00April 1st, 2020|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on THE SURGE IS COMING: STAY HOME, A PLEA TO THE PUBLIC

By: Tara Kerrigan Hayes The surge is coming. The word is out. So, why then, are the people? The stats are everywhere and the outlook is grim. Despite the US death toll eclipsing China’s and continuing to rise at a staggering rate, it seems, for some, the severity of the situation is simply not sinking in. New York infectious disease epidemiologist, John Smith, succinctly conveyed how an outbreak like the Coronavirus spreads exponentially, “if your son visits his girlfriend, and you later sneak over for coffee with a neighbor, your neighbor is now connected to the infected office worker that your son’s girlfriend’s mother shook hands with”. Consider the power behind that fact, (and it is, indeed, a fact). Conversely, any break in that chain [...]

1 10, 2019

Curley Center Renewal:  First Meeting

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It was a full house at the Curley Center on Day Boulevard last evening, the 30th.   Several hundred concerned residents of South Boston and members of the Curley Center from all over the City (and beyond) showed up for the first introductory community meeting about the project to renew the Curley Community Center – commonly known as “the L”.   The meeting convened right at 6 p.m.  It took the following format:  Overview, Challenges, Opportunities, Schedule, and Discussion (including a Question-and-Answer session that lasted for nearly an hour).  Boston’s City of Operations Patrick Brophy hosted the meeting. South Boston Online is referring to this project as a “renewal” for several reasons.  The project as described at Monday’s meeting will deal with every portion of the L’s [...]

29 07, 2019

Boston City Buildings Will Have Overdose Reversal Kits

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Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the City of Boston will be installing opioid overdose reversal kits in municipal buildings, thanks to a $30,000 donation from Aetna. The donation will be used to install kits containing the overdose reversal medication naloxone (Narcan), clear instructions for its use, and other medical supplies to assist individuals who experience an overdose. Prior to implementation, the Mayor's Office of Recovery Services will offer on-site voluntary overdose prevention and naloxone administration trainings to all interested City employees. "Increasing access to naloxone has been a core strategy in the City's approach to countering the opioid epidemic," said Mayor Walsh. "The unfortunate reality is that overdoses occur in all parts of our City, including in and around City buildings. By ensuring that [...]

30 05, 2019

South Boston Shores Glisten

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It was a busy end of May, with all the usual Memorial Day weekend remembrances taking place.  The (unofficial) beginning of summer around here was blessed with fine, sunny weather.  There was more good news as well, especially since it concerns our own local summer enjoyment:  South Boston’s surrounding bay, harbor, and open ocean waters are virtually 100% clean, according to actual scientific test results, which were reported to South Boston Online by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay last weekend (Sunday, May 26).  Over the last six years (2013-2018), all of South Boston’s beaches have averaged between 98% and 100% cleanliness.  The figure of 98% cleanliness is the equivalent of failing the weekly tests just once in a full, two-year period.  The figure of 100% [...]

16 05, 2019

Intersection at L & East 6th – Still Dangerous

2019-05-16T12:03:41-04:00May 16th, 2019|Categories: Featured, News|Comments Off on Intersection at L & East 6th – Still Dangerous

By Tara Kerrigan Hayes The familiar sounds of screeching tires and tearing metal rang through the neighborhood yet again last week, at the corner of L and East 6th.  While no injuries were sustained in this particular crash, it was another stark reminder that this notoriously dangerous intersection is still exactly that – dangerous. Local residents continue to express concerns for their safety ten months after the fatal accident that claimed the life of 2-year-old Colin McGrath and injured his 4-year-old sister, Sloane. “People are racing from the light at L and 8th to make the light at L and 5th, and vice versa”, says a local resident, (who prefers to remain anonymous), who narrowly escaped being struck by a car at the same intersection [...]

13 05, 2019

How We’re Investing in South Boston

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By Mayor Martin J. Walsh Every spring, we release our Capital Investment Plan which funds the critical improvements to our infrastructure and facilities in Boston over a five-year period. It is a reflection of our priorities, and is guided by the voices of over 15,000 residents who offered input for our citywide plan, Imagine Boston 2030. Our Capital Plan funds the essentials of community life -- our schools, streets, libraries, and parks, including climate and resilience projects. It’s a commitment to all those who call Boston home and to our future generations. Here in South Boston, we’re making investments across a wide range of projects, including parks and open space, streets and transportation, our schools’ infrastructure, and our delivery of City services.  We’re allocating much [...]

27 04, 2019

224 Boston Street – The New Brunch Hot Spot

2019-04-27T12:35:19-04:00April 27th, 2019|Categories: Business, Featured, News|Comments Off on 224 Boston Street – The New Brunch Hot Spot

By: Tara Kerrigan Hayes   If you’re looking for a new favorite brunch spot, it’s time to take a fresh look at the old 224 Boston Street. While the name hasn’t changed, the proprietors have, along with the menu, look and energy. The vision for 224 by new owner, Eric Aulenback, is simple - preservation with subtle innovation. “224 had been a beloved Dorchester neighborhood dining institution for 30 years”, says Eric. “It was featured in the Boston Globe as one of a handful of Boston Restaurants that have stood the test of time, considering Chef Barbara Lynch’s debut on the Boston culinary scene began right here at 224. The place had such a rich history to celebrate and honor, that I vowed to retain name [...]

25 04, 2019

Mul’s Diner Has Always Served Breakfast Over Easy

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Submitted by Ray Flynn Former Mayor of Boston and lifelong resident of South Boston Men and women on their way to work, union members, MBTA employees and politicians always found Mul’s a comfortable spot to meet and have breakfast or lunch. It opens at 5 a.m. and closes just after noon.  The food was great and the price was right.  Now this working-class restaurant located in the Lower End of South Boston could be next to fall victim to development. Joe Mulrey, the original owner, built the popular diner and worked hard at it, along with his wife. Everybody liked and trusted both.  My family and the Mulrey’s not only grew up in the Lower End of Southie, but we also attended the same schools, [...]

18 04, 2019

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Stop & Shop Workers Rally at South Bay with Support from Former Vice President Joe Biden      The work stoppage at Stop & Shop began just over a week ago.  The stoppage is a strike that was called late last Wednesday (effective Thursday morning, the 11th) by the voting members and the officials of United Food & Commercial Workers Union (the UFCW).   It is a large strike action, perhaps the largest such strike in this century, at least in New England.  The number on strike is over 30,000; Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are affected. Today, Stop & Shop at South Bay held a rally and in attendance was Former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Marty Walsh.      

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