“FPTC” is the acronym for the “Fort Point Theatre Channel”, which has arrived at its Tenth Anniversary.  You are invited to join us in celebrating this landmark year by coming to FPTC’s Tenth Anniversary gala Thursday evening, January 11, from 5 to 8 p.m.  The party will be at 15 Channel Center in Fort Point (one block off A Street).  And you know what?  It’s blessedly free.

   Everyone is most welcome.  See you there!


by Rick Winterson


   Ten years ago, Mark Warhol and Marc Miller co-founded the Fort Point Theatre Channel, usually abbreviated to “FPTC”.  Mark Warhol is a well-regarded contemporary composer, who resides in Gloucester.  Marc Miller was a theater major at MIT and has worked on numerous freelance arts projects.  As its Co-artistic Director/Producer, Miller has overseen both the administrative and artistic aspects of FPTC during its first decade.

FPTC is best described as an artists’ cooperative – 23 of them, loosely organized, focused upon the individual strengths of individual artists, and most important, experimental in nature, both in its essence and in the details of its actual productions.  As Marc Miller puts it, the FPTC’s working motto could be, “Sounds OK to us.  Let’s do it!”  So now it’s time to celebrate a decade of “doing it”!  Please reserve the evening of January 11, a Thursday.  Bring nothing but yourself.

This brings us to Christine Noah, originally from Louisville and a graduate of Davidson College (Davidson, NC, near Charlotte) with degrees in Theater and English.  Christine resides in Cambridge and is affiliated with A.R.T. (American Repertory Theatre) as well as FPTC.  Her most recent endeavor with FPTC was directing August Strindberg’s “Ghost Sonata”, which he wrote late in his life (1907), and which is regarded as a “classic of classics”.  It was introduced to the U.S. in Provincetown by Eugene O’Neill.  Christine used modern social media in her staging of “Ghost Sonata”, to emphasize the multitude of contemporaneous layers in Strindberg’s work.

Christine has now assumed the administrative responsibilities for FPTC that Marc Miller handled so well during FPTC’s first decade.  She will establish a more formal Board of Directors, along with setting up artistic, advisory, and developmental groups within FPTC.  That’ll be a challenging organizational task.  Say “hello” to Christine on the 11th; watch for a Spotlight article on her in a future issue of Online.

So let’s return to our intro line:  You are invited, encouraged, and even passionately urged to plan on attending the FPTC’s free Tenth Anniversary gala at 15 Channel Center on January 11, 5 to 8 p.m. – music by the Carney Band, featuring Peter Tork (of the Monkees); spoken word/film/exhibits; with food and drink compliments of local establishments.  Please RSVP to party@fortpointtc.org or 800.838.3006.  Or just show up on January 11.  Local theater lives – and it’ll be alive and well in 2018

In the event of a blizzard, FPTC’s Tenth Party will move from the 11th to January 18.  Your car’s sticker will work in Fort Point but parking is very tight there – 15 Channel Center is only a five-minute walk from Broadway Station, so maybe you should consider public transport.

In any case, see you there!