The Children’s Museum on Congress Street in South Boston sets a worldwide example for the learning experiences (and the fun) with their exhibits.  The Museum has embarked upon its year-end school break program called “Snowmazing”.  Stop by from December 26 to December 30.


by Rick Winterson


   “Snowmazing”, the winter exhibition at the Children’s Museum is, well, amazing, as is the entire Museum itself, known worldwide as a leader in meeting young peoples’ needs and interests. This writer was conducted on a guided tour of the Museum by Jo-Anne Baxter, Director of Public Relations, last week, starting with “Snowmazing”, which includes some of the most eye-catching, popular exhibits there.

Skate with your socks on, at an inside “Snowmazing” skating rink surfaced with slippery, artificial plastic ice (it’s nice and warm).  Then get a “selfie” for yourself at the Alpine Village, created entirely (and warmly) inside Children’s Museum.

Craft activities and exhibitions aren’t lacking.  They are all part of what the Museum calls “Maker Week”.  Stop by Cora’s exhibit and watch her eye ‘bots that follow lines you draw for them.  These ‘bots even race each other along these lines.  Then check in with Ellen to see how weaving is really done.  It’s all ideal for true “Makers”!  “Making” is for everyone, at any age.

As part of “Snowmazing”. the Children’s Museum is now presenting a fast-paced, entertaining, condensed version of ”Seussical” – only 45 minutes long – to match the attention spans of the very young.  Children have always enjoyed Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) stories and cartoons.  About ten years ago, many Dr. Seuss stories were adapted into a music-and-dance stage performance called “Seussical”, which debuted to tremendous acclaim in 2009 at Boston’s Wheelock Family Theatre.

In “Seussical”, the Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton the elephant, the Whos, too many “thinks”, an abandoned egg, Mayzie La Bird, and fearless Gertrude McFuzz – all in song and dance.  Despite many difficulties in the story, care, friendship, and loyalty bring “Seussical” to a (very) happy, meaningful ending.

The Museum’s version of “Seussical” will have 19 performances, from last Friday, December 15, till Saturday, December 30.  Most performances are during daytime hours; some are already sold out.  Please note that there is an added $5 charge for “Seussical” (not included in the Museum admission).

At the end of the “Snowmazing” tour, Jo-Anne and I visited the dinosaurs, which are still an extremely popular single exhibit, even though the last dinosaur went extinct 66 million years ago.  You can actually build your own dinosaur at the Children’s Museum.

The Museum is always a remarkable place to spend the day.  Don’t miss it during this winter vacation!  And to close out 2017, think about joining the Museum crowd on Sunday, December 31, between 10:30 a.m. and noon.  You’ll celebrate the “Noon Year” with crazy hat-making, and then you’ll count down to “Noon Year”, beginning at 11:45 a.m.  Refreshments will follow.