by Rick Winterson

Would you please reserve just a few evening hours about two weeks from now? On Wednesday evening, November 1, from 5 to 8 p.m.? The EVENT: “The Condon “Friendship” Fundraiser – a crucial fundraiser to support new and enlarged programs at the Condon Community Center. The LOCATION: PubliCo on the corner of Dorchester and West First Streets – #11 Dorchester Street, to be exact.

A word or few about PubliCo: It’s a bistro with the full name of “Public & Company Street Bistro & Garden”. But it’s more than that, especially inside. There is

a garden space in the middle of PubliCo’s interior. It has been carved out with an interior design that’s intelligent, innovative, and creative. How else would it be possible to combine an exterior feature inside a striking interior? Well, PubliCo has done just that. Don’t miss seeing it. Be sure to attend the Condon “Friendship” Fundraiser on November 1, one week from next Wednesday. You are in for a real treat! Including the appetizers that will be generously donated by PubliCo.

Mark McGonagle is the recently-elected President of the Condon Community Center Council. He emphasized the need for the “Friendship” Fundraiser in an interview on Tuesday. He spoke of how the Condon Center’s membership has grown – by 20% or more. Specific program needs include girls’ athletics like basketball that can lead to college scholarships. Joe Curran, as the Administrative Coordinator at the Condon Center, directs the Center’s programs. He himself was among the early-on “Condon kids” when the Center first opened. Now he runs the show. He wants everyone who ever was part of Condon Center activities to show up at PubliCo on November 1. Both Mark and Joe spoke bluntly – funds are needed to maintain programs for the increased memberships at Condon. Period.

And both Mark and Joe promise you a real old-fashioned, Southie neighborhood “time” on November 1, which will be held in a new and exciting neighborhood bistro called “PubliCo”. If you would like to know some of the people who’ll be there, just take a look at ad on Page ___ for the Condon “Friendship” Fundraiser. It lists the Condon Alumni(ae) Committee and who to call for tickets. They are only $20.

For your convenience, you can order tickets or make a contribution to the Condon programs online and click on “Condon Friendship Fundraiser” for tickets and /or donations.