On Tuesday, the BCYF Condon Summer Juniors Program was visited by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s Community Affairs Officer, Deputy Stephen Fiste.

The 5 and 6 year olds were captivated by his stories and presentation. Deputy Fiste encouraged the young children, counselors and staff to respect themselves and others, mainly their parents and grandparents.

The topics of “Stranger Danger”, cyber bullies, paying attention in school, being good citizens and helping out whenever they can gave the kids lots of helpful tips and answers to their many questions.

Deputy Fiste also stressed the importance of “making good choices” even now in their young lives that will stay with them and help them prepare for good jobs in the future.

After, the group received Junior Sheriff’s badges, coloring books and crayons and took photos with Deputy Fiste. It was a great visit with a promise to return over school vacation!