The Special Election to fill the First Suffolk District’s State Senate seat, which had been vacated by Linda Dorcena Forry in January, was held on Tuesday, May 1.  It is now over, and congratulations are in order for South Boston’s Nicholas “Nick” Collins (Democrat), who became state Senator Nick Collins (D) as of Wednesday morning.

It was a decisive win for Senator Nick.  He captured just over 86% of the 4,700 votes cast.  He is a lifelong resident of South Boston, and has been our Representative in the Commonwealth’s state Legislature for seven years since 2010.  His two opponents – Althea Garrison (8+% of votes cast) and Donald Osgood, Sr. (3+% of votes cast) – received a total of 12% of the total votes cast.

The area for which Nick becomes responsible as our state Senator – the First Suffolk District – is bordered on the north by the waters of Boston Harbor and includes the fast-growing Seaport developments.  South Boston, Dorchester, and Mattapan make up the rest of the First Suffolk District, which is generally to the south.  This District contains just over 110,000 registered voters.

In his acceptance speech Tuesday evening, Senator Nick referred to the historic importance of the First Suffolk District.  He said, “It’s an honor to get the opportune to make it (the First Suffolk District) better.”  Among the current issues he mentioned as important were schools, the opioid crisis, Boston’s transit systems, and the need for more affordable housing.

Senator Nick ran essentially unopposed in the Democratic Special Election Primary, which was held on April 3.  His opponents in Tuesday’s Special General Election both ran as independents.  Althea Garrison served in the state House of Representatives (the Fifth Suffolk District) in the 1990s; she received 400 votes.  Donald Osgood is a Pastor at Gateway Ministries; he received 150 votes.  No Republicans took part in the Special Election.  There will be an official Regular Election this November, so newly elected Senator Nick Collins will soon be running once again for the First Suffolk District’s Senate seat.

Prior to being elected as our state Representative seven years ago, Collins had been active in many areas of public service.  He has a reputation for hard work and honesty; he has always supported South Boston’s best interests.  And Senator Nick is a family man – he and his wife, Family Practitioner Dr. Olivia Liff, have an infant daughter they’ve named Justine.