By Ginger DeShaney

A steady stream of cookie lovers came through Girl Scout Troop 70040’s Drive-Thru Contactless Cookie Booth Saturday (March 6) in the Gate of Heaven parking lot. 

Troop Leader Courtney Scott called the event a great success and noted there will be another Drive-Thru next week (site to be determined) and one at the end of the month.

“This was our first time doing this,” Courtney said. “The Girls Scouts suggested it because we can’t sell at storefronts.

“It’s drive-thru, contactless, and socially distanced.”

The girl scouts on hand — Emily Burton, Phoebe Scott, Josephine Lydon, Amara Ings, and Mia Dimaggio — all had a great time.

Customers drove up — or walked up — to one end of the parking lot to place their orders, then went to the next stop to pay, either by Venmo, credit card, or cash (exact amount only), and proceeded to the third stop to get their cookies. After each girl helped take an order, they ran to the third stop to gather the order and bring it to the customer.

“I like running back and forth,” said Emily. “I like screaming, ‘Girl Scout cookies: Get them while they’re still here.’”

Some customers pre-ordered their cookies and picked them up. 

People also donated money and boxes back to the troop, who will in turn donate boxes to frontline COVID workers, said Kim Burton, a troop leader.

In line for donations this go round will be South Boston Community Health Center, Carney Hospital, and police, fire, and EMT.  The troop has already donated to BMC, MGH, Mount Auburn, Tufts, Project Beacon, and Upham’s Corner Health Center.

It was a great event on a beautiful day. 

“The best part is giving people their cookies,” said Emily.

Stellar cookie sellers are (back row, from left) Emily Burton, Phoebe Scott, and Amara Ings, and (front row, from left) Mia Dimaggio and Josephine Lydon.


Emily Burton watches as Amy Mulrooney takes payment.


Phoebe Scott gathers an order.


Josephine Lydon runs to fulfill an order.


Walk-up business was brisk.


With help from Troop Leader Kim Burton, Mia Dimaggio gets ready to deliver the cookies.


This customer gets the low-down on what cookies are available.


Phoebe Scott and Emily Burton waving the Girl Scout flags.


Amara Ings delivers the cookies.