Tuesday morning, July 12, Eastern Bank (located at 470 West Broadway) rendered some very substantial support to the South Boston community.

Shown in front of the bank are South Boston’s Eastern Bank Branch Manager Michele Hart and Eastern Bank Vice President Bob Foy (l.).  They are presenting a $10,000 check to the Laboure Center at D and West Broadway.   Receiving this check are recently-appointed Laboure Executive Director Jake Bombard and Sr. Maryadele Robinson, who is starting up Laboure’s “Recovery Connections Program”, modeled upon the efforts of the still-mourned Jack Leary.

That same day, both John McGahan, President of the Gavin Foundation, and Bob Monahan, Executive Director of Julie’s Family Learning Program, also each received $10,000 checks from Eastern Bank to support their much-valued programs.

South Boston Online sincerely thanks Eastern Bank on behalf of South Boston.