by Rick Winterson


   This is an early report (today: Tuesday morning) about a fatal shooting that took place on a vacant lot off O’Connor Way in the McCormack/”Old Harbor” Housing Project.  One young person – a teenager – was pronounced dead after being transported to Boston Medical Center; another received serious but non-life threatening injuries from a bullet wound in his side.

The incident took place late Monday evening, November 27, between 11:30 p.m. and midnight.  The vacant lot where it occurred is located on the south side of O’Connor Way as it curves into McCormack Housing.  It is currently used for BHA parking, as well as for storage of construction supplies and equipment.  Specifically, the shooting happened in the open portion used for parking.

Several nearby rental apartments overlook the site of this incident, but there were apparently no direct witnesses of the precise moment when shots were fired at the victims.  A tenant residing in one of these units told South Boston Online that he was awakened by a strange, loud sound, but was not aware that it had come from gunfire.  He then heard two other young males in the street (not the two victims) speaking loudly during an emergency call one of them made to 9-1-1, reporting there had been a shooting.  Shortly afterward, a large number of police vehicles and ambulances – perhaps as many as 15 or 20 – arrived on O’Connor Way via Dorchester Avenue to investigate the incident.  By this time, a large crowd of residents from McCormack/Old Harbor had gathered along O’Connor Way to watch the police as they investigated the scene.

Commissioner Evans, who is from South Boston, also went to the scene.  He has since issued a plea for anyone having information about this tragic shooting to come forward, as well as stating the need for more and better control of weapons, particularly guns, in the City of Boston.  The entire incident is still “under investigation” by the Boston Police Department, so South Boston Online has not been able to verify much of the information above.  We have spoken to Channel 5, 7, and Fox25, whose reporter Joyce Numandan was present at the scene this morning; we’ll keep our readership posted as more facts come to light.