Last week, a bill filed by State Representative Nick Collins related to public safety and hot works was signed into law. This bill, cosponsored by both Rep. Collins and Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly (D-Arlington), was drawn up after the tragic fire caused by unpermitted welding that took the lives of two Boston Firefighters in the Back Bay in 2014. The bill will establish a commission consisting of primary fire safety officials in the Commonwealth, members appointed by the Governor and Legislature, as well as experienced professionals in the burning and hot works trades. The commission will evaluate the current regulations, punishments and penalties of welding Fire Safety Bill Signed practices to avoid future fires. It will also investigate and study the current requirements for obtaining licenses and permits governing cutting, welding, and other hot work processes that involve an operation capable of initiating fires or explosions to determine if the state fire code adequately protects the safety of the public and first responders. “The safety of our Commonwealth’s citizens must always be our first priority, especially our firefighters and first responders,” stated Rep. Collins. “It is my hope that this commission will find and fix the flaws under current requirements and practices to ensure accidents like the fire in the Back Bay never happen again.”