South Boston Yacht Club sailors  (from left): Owen (Instructor), Mary, Erin, Matt (instructor), Jacob, Bill (Junior Sailing Committee), Dylan, Sinead (holding the winner’s cup), Ernie (SBYC Commodore), Tommy, Kiera, Jack, Jaelyn, Eddy (standing), Maeve, and Isabel. Not present: Sean (Instructor), Lydia, Colin, Duncan, Lily, and Ian.

In the recent set of two races between the young sailors from the Harry McDonough Sailing Center and those from the South Boston Yacht Club Junior Sail, the South Boston Yacht Club (the SBYC) won both.  An SBYC boat also garnered a third place finish –  SBYC junior sailors ruled.  These races were held in Pleasure Bay, inside the arc formed by the Sugar Bowl and the Causeway.  Much thanks goes to SBYC Commodore Ernie Myrvang and to Bill Carr and the Junior Sail Committee members.  Youth sailing at the SBYC has been going on for at least 100 years.  A lot of credit is also due to the Instructors – Owen, Matt, and Sean.  But of course, the races were actually sailed by the young members of the SBYC’s Junior Sail.  Special recognition was merited by a sailor named Sinead, who crewed on the First Place SBYC sailboats in both of the races.