Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn will take his Neighborhood Office Hours

 program to two locations in South Boston this Saturday, August 4th.

Councilor Flynn will be at Caffe Nero, 416 West Broadway

from 8:30am-9:30am and the South Boston Public Library,

646 East Broadway, from 4pm-5pm. Residents are encouraged to bring

constituent and neighborhood issues directly to Councilor Flynn and his staff.

“As the District City Councilor, it is important for me to continue this program

and bring City Hall services to each of our neighborhoods. Oftentimes,

people are unable to take the time from work or too busy to travel

into the city to deal with a particular issue.  This is an opportunity for us to come to the neighborhood over the weekend and hear from

our residents directly about their concerns regarding pedestrian

safety, our parks, development, and our libraries,” said Flynn. “My belief

is that every part of District 2 deserves to be treated with respect

and dignity, as well as having the same access to basic city

services as everyone else. I will continue to bring City Hall

services to each of our neighborhoods.”

For more information contact:  617-635-3203 or Ed.Flynn@Boston.Gov.