by Rick Winterson


   “For Now”, located at 68 Seaport Boulevard on the edge of One Seaport’s Courthouse Square, is a retail incubator.  Inside “For Now”, there are thirteen – Lucky 13 – small pop-up shops, which take many forms – racks, steps, shelves, pegboards, tabletops, and mannequins.  Each one of these is really a small business of its own, featuring elegant, enticing crafted goods.

It is the concept of the “For Now” proprietors, Katharine ReQua and Kaity Cimo, that small but creative businesses belonging to craftspeople can pilot their wares in a real-life, bricks-and-mortar marketplace at “For Now”.  They can then move on, after one, or two, or three months, to achieve their own independent e-commerce success.  But they are here for, well, “For Now”.  Two of these thirteen talented people, Seth Mankin and Alice Walk, are from South Boston.  Their works are pictured.

The thirteen enterprises incubating their creative products within “For Now” are (alphabetically):  Alaina Malie, Alice Walk, Brunswick Palk, CCH Collection, Emerson Fry, Moonlight & Sage, Onward Reserve, Sailor Made, Seacoast Sweets, Seth Mankin,  S*** That I Knit, The Win Lab, and Welden.  Goods range from fine wear, to accessories, to beauty aids, to jewelry, and even to designer confections