They’re all smiles outside the Tierney Center Melvon Crump, Jayleen Perez, David Tito, and Justin McKelvert love living in South Boston and enjoy hanging out at the Joseph M. Learning Center after school. All four attend the Paul A. Dever Elementary School which is located on Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester. The Dever School serves families from diverse cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds. The Dever staff believes that all their students “deserve access to a world-class education that will allow them to excel in college, careers, and beyond.” At home, these four wonderful youngsters enjoy playing video games and watching TV. Their favorite TV programs are “SpongeBob SquarePants”, “Spiderman”, and “WWE Wrestling.” They love eating a variety of food, including chicken and pizza. And, their favorite colors are red and blue. Melvon Crump, 10, is in the fourth grade. His favorite subject is writing and someday he hopes to write a book and become famous. Jayleen Perez, 7, is in the first grade. Her favorite subjects are art, recess, and lunch. Someday she hopes to be a teacher. David Tito, 7, is also in the first grade. His favorite subject is art. Someday he wants to be a star on TV as a professional wrestler. Justin McKelvert, 5, is in K-1. He likes science and someday wants to become Spiderman and be a superhero saving people who need his help.